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Breach of Contract

Settle disputes as quickly and favorably as possible with help from Upland CA breach of contract attorney Torrence L. Howell.

No matter what kind of business you may be running, you no doubt understand the importance of contracts. These important agreements provide security and accountability in that when one party fails to hold up their end of the bargain and the contract is breached, the law can step in and require compliance. If you want to resolve breach of contract issues as quickly and favorably as possible, you need the services of an experienced breach of contract attorney in Upland CA. Torrence L. Howell is an excellent choice of attorney. As an MBA-holding attorney and owner of his own business, he has a strong background in both business operations and business law, and he will fight tenaciously to protect your business interests.

Examples of Breach of Contract

Contracts include all kinds of provisions to spell out the responsibilities of various parties you do business with, such as clients, suppliers, employees, contractors, etc. Whenever one party does not perform as promised under the contract, the potential for a breach of contract case arises. Some examples include:

  • A vendor failing to deliver merchandise on time
  • A contractor deliberately using the wrong materials
  • An employee violating a non-disclosure agreement

Whether you are the party accused of a breach or the one making the accusation, Torrence L. Howell can provide valuable advice and support as your breach of contract attorney in Upland CA.

Options for Resolving Breach of Contract

Of course, it is neither practical nor efficient to take every breach of contract to court. Instead, your breach of contract attorney in Upland CA can help you resolve the issue through mediation or arbitration, both of which provide a faster and less costly means of handling breach of contract. These methods also tend to be easier on relations between the two parties. Often, it is sufficient to simply have an attorney analyze the contract, confirm that there is legal grounds for litigation, and present this information to the other party. Rather than face litigation, they will often move to remedy the situation in a way that is satisfactory to both parties.

Meet With a Breach of Contract Attorney in Upland CA Today

Because contract disputes can have an immediate and pressing impact on your business, you need to know you can get expert advice fast. Torrence L. Howell’s services as a breach of contract attorney in Upland CA are readily available. It all starts with a free initial consultation—call today to schedule yours.