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Quality Divorce Attorney in Pomona CA Since 1995

Divorce AttorneyTorrence L Howell has the experience, expertise, and attitude you need to get through a divorce Pomona CA with your rights intact and your interests protected. He can not only advise you regarding your legal rights and responsibilities, but also provide a calm, professional presence to get you through an emotionally tempestuous period in your life. Torrence L Howell has been handling divorce cases since 1995, and you can rely on him to provide expert representation and advice concerning all the issues related to divorce, including property division, child custody and support, family business division, and other topics in family law Pomona CA.

Property Division

Even though California is a community property state, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a divorce in Pomona CA has to result in a 50-50 split of marital assets. Torrence L Howell can review your case and make sure that the assets get divided fairly. He’ll stand up to your spouse’s lawyers and help you protect assets purchased with non-community income like an inheritance. He can also help you untangle your finances in cases where assets like a house or a car were purchased with mingled assets and ensure you are compensated fairly should your spouse get to keep those physical assets.

Child Custody and Support

Torrence L Howell is committed to helping you protect your rights to see your children and to ensure that they have adequate financial support. He can help fight for appropriate child custody and visitation agreements during your divorce Pomona CA. He can also use his expertise in family law Pomona CA later on down the line, to help you petition for modifications to these agreements as your life circumstances change.

Divorce and Family Businesses

In entrepreneurial families, both spouses may feel like they have worked hard to develop the business and have a vested interest in its future. Torrence L Howell has a special expertise in the intersection of business law and family law Pomona CA, and he can help make sure that your divorce proceeding doesn’t destroy your family business. He can help you draft agreements that will ensure that each spouse gets a fair stake in the business, or, if ongoing involvement is not desired, he can work hard to find a solution that will allow for the disinterested party to receive compensation for their share of the business without liquidating assets or crippling the business.

The Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell Specializes In All Matters of Family Law in Upland CA

At the law offices of Torrence L Howell, we can provide expert counsel and representation for just about any issue you may encounter related to family law in Upland CA. We’ve seen it all before, so matter how strange and dysfunctional you think your family situation is, we won’t be shocked. Instead, we will help you move forward in a calm and professional manner. With our help, you can use the protections of the law to make sure that you and your kids are taken care of properly as you work through your family issues. Here’s a sampling of the types of family law cases we handle.

Divorce Cases: We can make sure that your interests are protected during your contested or uncontested divorce proceedings. Our services include filing the actual divorce papers on your behalf, as well as assisting with child support agreements, child custody agreements, spousal support agreements, restraining orders, and equitable division of marital assets as needed.

Child Custody Cases: We can help parents draft custody agreements that always keep the child’s best interests top of mind. If you’re dealing with an unfit parent, we can help you secure sole custody and arrange for supervised visitation rights if appropriate. If you were previously deemed unfit, we can help you prove that you’ve cleaned up your act and convince a judge to grant you increased visitation rights.

Child Support and Alimony Cases: After divorce, a spouse who was not working may find themselves without the ability to support themselves or their kids. The law offices of Torrence L Howell can help families arrive at agreements that are fair to all parties and adequately provide for the care and support of any children. We can help with permanent, transitional, rehabilitative, or temporary alimony, as well as with child support agreements and child support modifications.

Domestic Violence Cases: Over our many years practicing family law in Upland CA, we’ve seen both sides of domestic violence cases. We can help abused spouses get the restraining orders and other protections they need, but we can also help expose false accusations of abuse to ensure that no one’s rights are trampled by being unfairly saddled with a reputation as an abuser.

Property Rights: California is a community property state, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all assets should be split 50-50 during a divorce. As experts in family law in Upland CA, we can help you figure out which assets rightfully belong to which spouse and ensure a fair division of marital property under state law.

Child Support Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

If you are not married to or living with your child’s mother or father, you will probably need assistance with child support services in Rancho Cucamonga CA at some point. It is simply not wise to let the other parent always take the lead when it comes to filing for, modifying, or ending child support, because you risk not having your own interests properly represented in the agreements. Fortunately, you can turn to the law offices of Torrence L Howell for help.

Filing for Child Support

While child support agreements are most frequently associated with divorce cases, there are many other situations in which it is a very good idea to get the responsibilities of both parents in writing. Parents who remain married but live apart as well as parents who were never married may need help determining how much each parent should contribute to the financial support of the child. By hiring an attorney for help with child support services in Rancho Cucamonga CA, you can make sure that your child support agreement is fair based on the income and obligations of each parent.

Child Support Modifications

As parents’ lives change over the years, child support agreements may need modifications. This is another area where it will be very useful to have an attorney on your side. Whether you are the parent requesting the change or the one responding to the request, an attorney can help make sure the end result is a child support agreement that remains fair to all parties, including the child. Child support modifications may be required when the child’s medical or educations expenses change, or when one of the parents experiences a change in income or employment.

Ending Child Support

In most cases, child support agreements are simply allowed to expire when the child turns 19 or graduates from high school. However, this may not be appropriate for your unique family situation. In cases where a disabled child requires lifelong support, or a custodial parent’s income increases so dramatically that support for a young child is no longer needed, an attorney can provide child support services in Rancho Cucamonga CA that will enable you to make the necessary adjustments and override the default end date of the agreement.


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