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Did Your Client Breach a Contract? Hire a Business Law Attorney in California

Did Your Client Breach a Contract? Hire a Business Law Attorney in California

Being in business has risks. Every business owner knows that before they “sign up.” Some risks, like the threat of losing profit when the economy collapses, are natural, and sometimes inevitable, aspects of owning a business. However, when it comes to your client breaching a contract, this quickly becomes a legal concern.

Regardless of the type of business you’re running, having a contract broken by your client should be treated as a serious ordeal rather than simply brushed off. After all, having a breached contract can be damaging for a business, not only involving loss of goods and/or services, but also a sudden loss of revenue. In severe cases, a contract breach can be enough to pull a business significantly under to the point of potential bankruptcy.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Resolve a Breach of Contract in Southern California?

If and when your client breaches the terms of your contract, hiring a California lawyer specializing in business law is the right move to get the situation resolved. Without legal involvement, the contract violation may never get settled one-on-one.

Whether the party who breached the contract failed to deliver merchandise on time or at all, deliberately provided or used the wrong materials, or disregarded other aspects of the contract, it’s important to hire an attorney who is capable of handling this legal matter.

Working with the right business law attorney can help ensure you get awarded the compensation you deserve for the work or products the other company failed to provide based on the contract. Or, the lawyer can help sway the judge’s decision to ensure the terms of the contract are properly carried out by the party who failed to comply.

Call Attorney Torrence L. Howell Today

It’s important to note that not every litigation lawyer has experience with contract litigation. However, for attorneys like Torrence L. Howell in Upland CA, dealing with business contract breaches is one of their specialties and something they’re partially good at handling.

Being in business himself, Business Law Attorney, Torrence L. Howell, knows the frustrations surrounding a broken contract. It’s certainly not fair to you and your business that you’ve worked so long and hard for to be dealing with such an issue. By helping you with your breach contract via mediation or arbitration, Howell can ensure things get resolved within a timely manner before the breach has serious impact on your company.

Need help settling a breach of contract in Southern California? Give Howell a call to schedule a consultation at (909) 920-0908.


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