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Do These 5 Things Before You Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce

Do These 5 Things Before You Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce

If you are considering asking your spouse for a divorce it may seem that just getting it over with is the best way forward. This may be true, but we strongly recommend doing these five things before you ask your spouse for a divorce. If you have questions, contact Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 to set up a confidential appointment.

  1. Make Sure a Divorce is Really What You Want
  2. It sounds simple, but make sure that before you ask for a divorce, you really want a divorce. Every couple fights. Every couple can feel at points that their marriage is no longer working. Some couples can get through that. If you are not sure that it is time to divorce then there are resources that may help you, such as couple’s counseling. If you are positive that you want a divorce, then contact a divorce attorney.

  3. Look at Your Finances
  4. Before you start making decisions based on your feelings, look at your finances. If you have a safety deposit box, go through it and take pictures of everything you have. Take photos valuables, such as jewelry or furniture. You should also note things that have no monetary value but do have sentimental value. It is important to do all of this before asking for a divorce because your spouse may cut you off from this information once you ask for the divorce.

  5. Know What Your Custody Goals Are
  6. If you have children, then you will obviously think long and hard about whether or not a divorce is the right option for you. Make sure that you have thought carefully about child custody goals before you ask for a divorce. Remember that unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, the court is likely going to order shared custody. Can you live with that result?

  7. Know Where You Will Live
  8. You may not have an exact house or apartment picked out, but there should be an idea of where you plan to go after you tell your spouse you want a divorce. However, if you want to keep the marital house, then it is best not to move out of the house until the divorce terms are settled. If the divorce becomes contentious, a judge is more likely to allow the spouse currently in the house to stay in the house.

  9. Make Sure You Are Not About to Make Any Large Purchases
  10. If your divorce case ends up before a judge, it does not look good for you to have recently made large purchases with marital assets, even if they are for both of you. If you are considering asking your spouse for a divorce, hold off on any large purchases until you are sure what you are going to do next.


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