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Sexual Abuse

Experienced Upland CA sexual abuse attorney Torrence L. Howell will protect your rights and interests in all criminal and civil matters.

Using sex to maintain power or control over an intimate partner is one of the more insidious types of abuse a domestic violence attorney in Upland CA encounters in his work. All too often, victims may not even realize they have legal grounds for a complaint, or they may feel too ashamed or embarrassed to get help. Do not let this happen to you! You can rely on a caring and compassionate reception to all your questions from Torrence L. Howell. He can assist with restraining orders and other domestic violence actions related to all kinds of sexual abuse, such as:

  • Marital rape
  • Forcing sex after physical violence
  • Treating a victim in a sexually demeaning manner
  • Forcing the victim to perform sexual acts on another party
  • Forcing the victim to pose for sexually explicit photos or video
  • Coercing sexual contact of any kind without consent

First Steps for Victims of Sexual Abuse

If you have been injured in the course of the sexual abuse, you will want to seek medical attention and call the police. Next, you will want to contact a skilled sexual abuse attorney in Upland CA. Torrence L. Howell makes an excellent choice of attorney, because in addition to having ample experience in securing temporary and permanent restraining orders, he also has a strong background in all aspects of family law. This will prove invaluable if you need to seek a divorce or secure custody of your children following the separation from your abuser.

Have You Been Accused of Sexual Abuse?

Allegations of sexual abuse need to be taken extremely seriously, especially if there is the possibility of facing criminal charges for sexual assault or rape. With Torrence L. Howell as your domestic violence defense attorney, you will be assured of expert assistance in both the criminal and civil aspects of your case. He will work hard to secure evidence to support your position and prove your innocence. He can also assist you in fighting back against any attempts to take away your rights to your children based on your alleged abusive actions. Torrence L. Howell can also assist individuals with prior convictions who have demonstrated reform in seeking greater access to their children via child custody and visitation modifications.

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