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Business Dispute Attorney in Chino CA

 Resolve conflicts quickly with help from an experienced business dispute attorney in Chino CA

Are you having a problem with an employee, supplier, client, or contractor? Any kind of business dispute, internal or external, has the potential to spell serious trouble for your business. At the very least, your time and energy–and that of your employees–will be drained by the dispute. At the worst, your funds could be drained too.

You need a fast and cost-effective solution to the problem. As your business dispute attorney in Chino CA, Torrence L. Howell will help you achieve this.

Why Choose Torrence L. Howell as your Business Dispute Attorney in Chino CA

Your average business dispute attorney in Chino CA approaches conflicts mainly from the point of view of the law. But Torrence L. Howell brings added perspective due to his first-hand experience in the business world. He has an MBA plus many years of experience running his own business in the form of his law practice. This experience gives him a leg up when it comes to analyzing the accounting statements, financial documents, and contracts that often enter in to business disputes.

Choose Your Business Dispute Resolution Method

There are three main ways to handle a business dispute. With Torrence L. Howell acting as your business dispute attorney in Chino CA, you can rest assured you will receive his honest advice regarding your best option for moving forward, as well as the best possible preparation for the dispute resolution method of your choice. This may include:

Mediation: Mediation offers a fast and affordable way to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement with the party on the other end of your business dispute. Torrence L. Howell can prepare you to work with the mediator successfully as they guide the resolution process.

Arbitration: You also have the option of choosing arbitration for your dispute resolution. In this process, you will be working directly with the opposing party to resolve the dispute, with an arbitrator simply helping to facilitate communication.

Litigation: In cases where you have a clear legal advantage and the other side refuses to acknowledge it, you need to take your case to court. Torrence L. Howell understands the litigation process in detail. As your business dispute attorney in Chino CA, he will make sure all your paperwork is filed on time and search diligently for evidence to present on your behalf.

Call Now to Nip Disputes in the Bud

Because any kind of business dispute will harm your business, it is imperative to take a proactive approach and consult a business dispute attorney in Chino CA right away. Attorney Howell is here for you. Simply dial (909) 920-0908 for your free case evaluation.


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