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Contract Law Attorney in Fontana CA

Get top-quality advice for all kinds of contract issues with Torrence L. Howell as your contract law attorney in Fontana CA.

If you are a small business owner, you probably have a very entrepreneurial mindset. You’re used to taking initiative and getting things done on your own. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work well for writing and enforcing business contracts. Without help from a skilled contract law attorney in Fontana CA, you could easily end up making mistakes that will cost your business significant time and expense to correct.

The Reality Is…

…You Cannot Do It Alone.

You Need a Contract Law Attorney in Fontana CA to:

  • Draft & Negotiate Contracts: With a contract law attorney in Fontana CA assisting you, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving out any of the vital elements of a contract or creating loopholes that could make your agreement unenforceable. Instead, you can rest assured your contract says exactly what you want it to. If you are being offered a contract drafted by another party, Attorney Howell can review it with you to explain all the provisions and help you make a counteroffer if necessary.
  • Resolve Contract Disputes: When disagreements about contractual obligations arise, it is definitely in your interests to retain a contract law attorney in Fontana CA. After carefully studying the contract to confirm that the law is on your side, Attorney Howell will give his honest opinion regarding your best options for moving forward. In the case of a breach of contract, Attorney Howell can prepare you to reach an agreement through arbitration or mediation, or represent you in courtroom litigation as the case may require.
  • Void Unfair Contracts: If you entered into a contract without consulting an attorney first, it is entirely possible that the contract might turn out to be unfair and unenforceable. If this is the case, your contract law attorney in Fontana CA can help you build a “defense” to the contract, or an argument as to why the contract should be made void.

Why Choose Torrence L. Howell

When you want an attorney who cares as much about your business as you do, you want Torrence L. Howell. As an experienced entrepreneur himself, Attorney Howell understands your needs and priorities and he will work hard to ensure your contracts are fair and even advantageous. In the course of his extensive career as a contract law attorney in Fontana CA, Attorney Howell has successfully handled many different types of contracts, ensuring that they serve his clients’ best interests. Attorney Howell can assist your business with:

  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Contracts for the provision or acquisition of services
  • Employment contracts
  • Consulting contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • And more

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Since contracts are a priority at any business, naturally you can’t afford to wait one moment longer than necessary to get assistance. The Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell is here to provide the fast representation you need and deserve. Simply call (909) 920-0908 to get started with a free consultation.


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