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Change of Ownership Attorney in Montclair CA

As your change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA, Torrence L. Howell puts your business’ interests first.

Business law affects each and every business. However, many business owners don’t have any particular interest in legal details. If you do not enjoy studying the law, your time would certainly be better spend focusing on other aspects of your business. Hiring a skilled change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA will enable you to attend to the necessary legal details without investing a huge chunk of your own time and energy.

A Change of Ownership Attorney in Montclair CA Can Help With:

  • Buying or Selling a Business: There are many legal technicalities involved in buying or selling any kind of company. For example, you will need to get a quality business valuation to help set an appropriate price, and be clear about which assets the price includes. After handling many sales transactions, Attorney Howell will be of an invaluable assistance in this process as your change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA. You can also rely on Attorney Howell to help draft a strong sales contract that is free of loopholes or problematic clauses that may spark future litigation.
  • Adding or Removing Partners: If a new partner wants to join your business, or an existing partner wants to leave, you should be able to do this by following the steps outlined in your partnership agreement. However, since procedures may be complicated, it’s best to have a change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA direct the process. Your attorney can also assist in cases where removing a partner requires also changing the business structure, such as from a dual partnership to a sole proprietorship.
  • Changes in Corporate Structure: As your business grows and evolves, chances are you will need to change the business structure–perhaps to prevent business debts from becoming personal debts or to reduce your tax burden. As your change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA, Torrence L. Howell can explain the various types of business structures along with the potential pros and cons for your specific situation. If you decide to change the structure, he will make sure every detail is attended to.

Why Choose Torrence L. Howell

Torrence L. Howell is not just a skilled business attorney. He is also a businessman in his own right, with an MBA and many years of experience running his own law firm. No matter how large or small your business is, or how simple or complex your legal needs are, Torrence L. Howell will work hard to make the law work to your company’s advantage. He sincerely cares about the future of your business, and you can trust him to do everything in his power to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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To discuss your needs with a change of ownership attorney in Montclair CA, please contact The Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at  (909) 920-0908 and request a free consultation.


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