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Child Support Modifications in San Dimas CA

Escape the burden of unfair support orders with child support modifications in San Dimas CA

Child Support Modifications in San Dimas CAWhether you are the parent paying support or the one receiving it, an unfair support order can present a serious problem for you and for your children. The good news is that you don’t have to just live with this situation. Instead, you can seek to rectify it by petitioning for child support modifications in San Dimas CA.

When Are Modifications Appropriate?

Technically, a change in any one of the myriad factors that go into the California Guideline Support Calculation Formula could merit child support modifications in San Dimas CA. But, in most cases modifications are only requested when a major life change occurs. Here are some examples:

  • The parent paying support loses their job or suffers a significant pay cut
  • The parent receiving support starts earning more
  • One parent becomes incarcerated
  • The physical custody split changes
  • The child’s healthcare or education needs change

Remember, if your original support was below the guideline amount, you may petition for a modification at any time without having to present a justification from your life circumstances.

How Do I Get Child Support Modifications in San Dimas CA?

The easiest way to secure child support modifications in San Dimas CA is to simply agree upon a new amount of support with the child’s other parent and submit this to a judge for approval. This spares you the necessity of a courtroom battle to secure the modification.

In either case, you will still face a complicated chain of tasks including many different forms and deadlines. Why risk making a mistake handling things on your own when expert help from family law attorney Torrence L. Howell is close at hand? With Attorney Howell on your side, you can rest assured all necessary tasks will get done quickly and correctly. This includes:

  • Calculating the new, appropriate amount of support
  • Filing forms with the court clerk
  • Serving papers on your co-parent
  • Appearing at the court hearing where the judge will grant or deny your petition

Now you might wonder…

Why do I have to go through the courts at all? Can’t I just make a verbal agreement with my co-parent?

A verbal support agreement is worthless in the eyes of the court. Your co-parent may be happy to agree to a change now, but if they change their mind later and ask the court to enforce the original written order you may end up owing them months or years’ worth of back child support. To protect yourself against this possibility, you should always make your agreements in writing and have an attorney help you get them approved by a judge.

Act Quickly to Secure Your Child Support Modifications in San Dimas CA

If you suspect your situation may justify child support modifications in San Dimas CA, you need to act now in order to effect a change as quickly as possible. Fortunately for you, fast and effective help is at hand. Simply call (909) 920-0908 for a free case evaluation to learn how Attorney Howell can help you and your family.


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