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Reasons You Might Want to Get a Post-Divorce Modification in Ontario CA

Reasons You Might Want to Get a Post-Divorce Modification in Ontario CA

Many people think that once a divorce is done with, it’s done for good and that there isn’t anything else they need to do regarding the divorce. While this may be true for a lot of splitting couples, it isn’t for each one. In fact, it may be necessary for divorced spouses to pursue legal modification(s) after going through a legal divorce. These situations include but are not excluded to:

One Ex-Spouse’s Financial Situation Changes

Did the spouse receiving alimony suddenly lose their job due to, say, the pandemic and now requires more alimony to live semi-comfortably? Maybe even the ex-spouse providing alimony lost their job and is now struggling to make payments. Or, maybe the spouse receiving alimony now took on a high-paying job and no longer requires financial assistance through alimony or requires less.

Either way, when there is a major financial change going on to one or both of the spouses after the divorce, a modification in alimony may be vital.

An Ex-Spouse is No Longer Able to Care for Their Child

One of the spouses may no longer be able to take adequate care of the child they share with their ex at some point after the divorce. For instance, maybe the spouse with full or partial custody is going through a medical situation that is preventing them from being able to be physically present with and financially provide for their child, leaving the parent no choice but to have the other parent take custody of the child. It’s also a possibility that one of the ex-spouses is mentally unstable or is turning towards a path of drugs, resulting in the other parent wanting to obtain full custody of their shared child to keep the child safe.

Whatever it may be, if one of the exes can’t take care of their child, they may want to modify their child custody agreement, especially for the sake of the child’s overall safety, happiness, and wellbeing as a whole.

Caring for a Child is Becoming More Expensive

As time goes on, sometimes caring for a child can get pricier. This is especially true if the child has a disability or was recently involved in some sort of accident. A situation like this may make it imperative for a post-divorce modification if, say, an ex-spouse with full or partial custody will require more alimony to pay for the child’s increasing expenses or if they are unable to meet the increasing needs of the child, but the other parent can (e.g., offering wheelchair accommodations in the home, having more availability to take the child to the hospital on a regular basis, etc.).

Seeking a post-divorce modification? Reach out to Divorce Attorney, Torrence L. Howell, today if you live in or near Ontario, CA.

Can You Get Child Custody if the Father is in Jail in Claremont CA?

Can You Get Child Custody if the Father is in Jail in Claremont CA?

A parent may want to gain full custody of their child for many reasons. Maybe the mother or father is deemed dangerous or unfit to parent the child, or perhaps there is another specific reason or circumstance that makes one parent more suitable to take care of their child than the other parent such as level of income, quality of the home environment, location of their house from the child’s school, the bond the child has with one parent over the other, the list goes on.

What happens, though, when the father (or mother – no discrimination here) lands in jail or prison? Does this mean the other parent is now immediately granted full custody? Does custody stay the same? What really happens in a situation like this?

Allow us to explain.

How Child Custody Works When One Parent is in Jail

When one of the parents is put in jail or prison, that parent may still have legal custody of the child, even though he or she will be unable to physically care for and visit the child until their sentence is served. This is true as long as the parent is only placed behind parents for a short period of time like, say, six months or less. For longer sentences and/or in the event that the crime(s) that occurred are very serious, the jailed parent’s parental rights may be taken away once in handcuffs.

Whether parental rights are taken away or not for the jailed parent, if there is a minor child involved, they will be responsible under the care of the other parent who currently has joint custody. Or, if there is no other parent who currently has custody, the judge can make a decision to place the minor child with another trusted family member or loved one whether permanently or until the child’s parent is out of jail or prison (if and only if their custodial right wasn’t taken away).

Receive Full Custody in California Today

Whether you currently have custody of the child whose parent is jailed or imprisoned or not, you’re welcome to request custody of your child. It all starts with a consultation with a child custody attorney in Claremont, CA.

Speak with Lawyer Torrence L. Howell now at (909) 920-0908 to see what your options are for obtaining full custody, whether that be temporary until the other parent is released or even permanently going forward.

Domestic Violence Has No Place in Any Household – Get Legal Help Now in Etiwanda CA

Domestic Violence Has No Place in Any Household – Get Legal Help Now in Etiwanda CA

Domestic violence is an issue that has occurred one too many times in our world. Never should anyone have to deal with a situation like this from a victim’s perspective. Yet, it continues to occur to innocent people around the world, no matter how severe the legal consequences become for the abuser.

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Victims

Victims of domestic violence deal with more than anyone could ever imagine, even the victims themselves. Apart from physical wounds, a victim of domestic violence might suffer from intrusive thoughts, damaged self-esteem, severe anxiety, depression, hopelessness, lack of motivation, difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, low appetite and weight loss, and so on and so forth. The negative effects of dealing with domestic violence go on and on. And while the effects are different for every victim, dealing with domestic violence affects each person in a way that is very harmful and life-altering.

Receive Legal Help for Domestic Violence Now

It’s nerve wracking to admit that there’s a problem, especially when you want so badly to believe that the situation will never happen again, that you “deserved what happened to you,” or that your abuser truly is sorry and still loves you regardless of what they did to you. But truth be told, it’s not your fault, and unfortunately, it’s likely to occur again and only get worse as time goes on, whether you’re afraid or put on a brave face. The abuse is out of your control unless you make the decision to put an end to it and lead a safer, happier, healthier path.

Our best advice is to get out, contact law enforcement, and pursuit legal action as soon as you’re able to. These are the only ways that you can be sure you’ll be safe from the suspect and from the abuse. Not only will you be safe, but you can be helping other people steer clear of the dangerous suspect by turning them in and preventing them from doing what they did to you to another individual. Taking action of this sort can save yourself and even save the lives of others.

Once you’re in a safe place and in a better frame of mind, call Attorney Torrence L. Howell to receive legal help for domestic violence in Etiwanda, CA at (909) 920-0908. This is your chance to stand up, fight back, and bring justice to the table once and for all.

Why Child Custody Modifications are Necessary in Alta Loma CA

Why Child Custody Modifications are Necessary in Alta Loma CA

Many believe from the time that their child is born that they will be able to care for and provide for their child for life. That is the assumption from the start, and that’s normally how it goes. Since life, however, isn’t perfect and doesn’t always go as planned, it’s possible that a parent’s custody may need to be taken away, voluntarily given to the other parent, or even granted in full.

Here are two reason why modifications to child custody may be important:

Needs of Children Can Become More Difficult to Meet

Children don’t always become easier to care for as they get older. If anything, they often get more difficult to take care of. In some instances, however, a child may become so difficult to care for that one of the parents of the child may no longer be able to meet their needs. For instance, a child with a mental disability, physical disability, or behavioral problem may be difficult to manage for one parent, leaving the other parent a better and more applicable option for the child.

After all, a major part of deciding who gets custody comes down to what’s best for the child in terms of their emotional and physical wellbeing and how they are met by either parent. The child’s health and safety always come first over either of the parents’ personal opinions and desires.

A Parent’s Capability of Parenting May Change

Sometimes it’s not the needs of the child that change but one parent themselves who goes through changes. These changes may make it difficult for the parent to continue to offer full or even partial custody of their child like, for example, if they lost their job, are relocating overseas for the military, they recently lost their house due to a foreclosure and are moving in with a friend in an apartment in another city, or just dealt with a major injury or surgery that will leave them bed-ridden for several weeks. In turn, they might be best to modify child custody so that the other parent gets all or more custody, even if it’s just temporary. It doesn’t mean one has failed as a parent if they come to a conclusion like this. If anything, they are brave and selfless for doing what’s best for their child.

If you’re wanting to make modifications to a child custody agreement, speak with Torrence L. Howell in Alta Loma, CA today. His number is (909) 920-0908.

3 Things to Know About Property Rights in Rancho Cucamonga CA During a Divorce

3 Things to Know About Property Rights in Rancho Cucamonga CA During a Divorce

Divorce is tricky enough. Why add more problems into the mix? Just dealing with property rights is a big issue that divorcing couples must navigate. If it’s a messy divorce or if it’s one or both parties’ first time going through a divorce, dealing with the division of property is a big deal and a major stress.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the division of property rights on your own. A Family Law attorney can help you out significantly.

Here are a few things you should know about property rights during a divorce in the state of California:

Normally, Each Spouse Owns a Half of Their Shared Property

Although it isn’t an end all, be all decision since there are many factors to consider, often, property shared between a married couple is split exactly half and half. If one spouse believes they deserve more or a hundred percent of shared property, they may dispute it in the courtroom. Or, if the couple agrees that one of the spouses should receive all of a shared property, changing it to community property instead, they have the opportunity to make that agreement in a clear, written statement and present it in court.

Property Obtained After the Date of Separation is Separate Property

Any property that a spouse achieves prior the divorce but after the date one of the spouses wishes to end the marriage is no longer considered shared property but separate, or community, property. This is important to know as many divorcing spouses assume property obtained during the process of divorce is still shared until the couple is officially, 100% divorced.

Distinguishing Between Community Property and Shared Property Can Get Complicated

You’d think it’d be simple to divide property between spouses, but in reality, it can be very difficult. This is especially true if so-called “shared” property was a gift, if the property is used for one of the spouse’s business, or if one of the spouses received the property as inheritance, for instance. It can also get complicated if one of the spouses believes they deserve more of shared property than the other spouse, but there’s a disagreement between the spouses regarding this.

Although it can be complex and messy when it comes to understanding property rights and dividing property between a divorcing couple, not all hope is lost. A good quality divorce attorney can help.

If you live in Southern California and need help with a divorce, call Attorney Torrence L. Howell now at (909) 920-0908.

Ways a Business Attorney in Etiwanda CA Can Save Your Business

Ways a Business Attorney in Etiwanda CA Can Save Your Business

Being in business can be very stressful as is. Initially, it’s tough dealing with all the laws, requirements, and regulations in regards to setting up your business, let alone, making sure all these things are met and abided by throughout the years your business is in operation.

And then comes the business part itself that tends to be tricky: possibly hiring employees or volunteers, advertising your products or services, creating and regularly updating a website, keeping communication with customers or clients, maintaining inventory, dealing with the financial aspects of things, starting partnerships with other businesses, and whatever else is a must for you to keep your business profitable and up and running.

Sometimes, though, you need legal assistance if and when you come across issues when operating your business. It’s not ideal to have to deal with legal problems, but hey, that’s life – and you’re going to definitely want a business attorney to help you out.

Here are some of the many ways a skilled business attorney in Etiwanda, CA can help you and your business:

Change of Ownership

Sometimes business owners don’t stay in business forever. They might realize how tough it is, decide that it no longer aligns with their dreams, that starting another business or taking on a new career path might be more suitable for them, or maybe they intentionally started a business with the desire of eventually selling it to make a large profit. Or, maybe you’re on the other side of business and are just now taking over someone else’s business as your own.

Whatever the situation may be, a business attorney can help you alongside a change of ownership, making sure the old business owner is no longer legally tied to the business and that the new owner is.

The Setup of a Corporation or LLC

It’s true that you can setup your business as a corporation or LLC on your own, but with an attorney to help you out with the process, it can be easier and less stressful. They already know the process, so allow them to lead the way.

Business Disputes

Are you experiencing a disagreement with another business that you’re contracted with? Business disputes like these can be resolved with a good business attorney. An attorney can make things a lot simpler during these heated, stressful disputes and give you insight to the legal aspects of your particular dispute.

Whether it be one of the previous business-related issues or something different, it’s a good idea to reach out to Business Attorney Torrence L. Howell. He’s been serving the Etiwanda, CA community for years and has a plenty of knowledge regarding business and the legal matters they involve.

Call Mr. Howell today at (909) 920-0908.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take in Pomona CA?

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take in Pomona CA?

In many cases, divorce is a long, drawn-out process that everyone wishes would take place much sooner, especially when there is a strong desire for the divorce to be completed or if the divorce was a very upsetting one with a lot of messy details involved. It’s an emotional, hectic time for many. Who on Earth would want a divorce to take as long as possible?

There’s some good news though: if you opt for divorce mediation, especially if the divorce would otherwise be long and complex, you can often get through the process a lot sooner than you normally would.

It Can Take Anywhere from 3 to 6 Months to Complete

Normally, the average time a couple is officially divorced if they opted for divorce mediation is around three or four months. Keep in mind that it takes an average of a year to get officially divorced without mediation. That being said, the average couple with mediation is able to be divorced in sooner than half the time. That’s a speedy divorce!

In some cases, though, divorce mediation may take longer. This is true if the divorce is very complicated. For example, if the divorcing couple has strong disagreements with one another regarding the divorce, if there are children involved, if there’s a business or multiple businesses in the picture, and/or if the couple has been married for a very long period of time and share many assets together, these are factors that could increase the length of a divorce mediation.

Just to give you perspective, for complex divorces, the average time in which a couple is officially divorce when they go through divorce mediation is five or six months, which, in reality, is still very quick as it’s still half the time in which non-divorce mediation-opting couples are able to get officially divorced.

Hire a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Pomona CA Today

So, you’re considering opting for divorce mediation instead of going through a traditional divorce, eh? That’s great to hear as that means you may have the opportunity to get divorced sooner than expected. Not only that, but by going through divorce mediation, there’s a neutral, third-party present. Therefore, divorcing couples are often left with more fairly distributed assets in the end.

A fairer, quicker divorce? Who wouldn’t want that? Give Torrence L. Howell, an area near Pomona, CA, a call at (909) 920-0908 if you wish to get divorce mediation in the state of California.

Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Walnut CA

Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Walnut CA

Domestic violence isn’t something anybody wants to be involved with from any point-of-view. It’s an incredibly scary situation that involves serious legal ramifications. Not to mention, it’s an unnecessary and unfair thing for the victim to have to go through, let alone, try to “accept.” As for the person on the other side of the situation, they’re likely not going to be thrilled about receiving jail time or whatever other consequences they must face. It’s never a good situation for either side in the end.

Although, it’s a completely different situation when someone is being accused of being a domestic abuser when they’re not. It’s awful to be thrown under the bus, especially when none of what you’re being accused of doing or being is true.

In a situation such as the latter, it’s recommended that you hire a defense attorney who specializes in domestic violence.

You Have a Right to Defend Yourself

Each and every one of us has the opportunity to defend ourselves when taken to court, whether we are guilty or not in the end. Our side of the story deserves to be told, and we have the right to discuss how the other party may be incorrect or how they might be fabricating things about us and what was said or done.

Especially in a situation like a false accusation of domestic violence, it’s critical to have a criminal defense attorney help defend you. If you did happen to be unrightfully found guilty, you’ll have wished you had someone who could have help fight to prove you innocent.

Let a Walnut CA Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Help

It’s not okay for anyone to wrongfully play the victim card, especially over something as serious as domestic abuse. Don’t let the fake victim win. Not only is it unfair for you to be facing consequences you don’t deserve, but it’s unfair that the “victim” is essentially being put up on a pedestal and getting their way when they deserve nothing but punishment for lying in the courtroom and playing around with such a serious topic, undermining real victims in the process.

If you’re in need of a domestic violence attorney in Walnut, CA who can help you fight a false accusation of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to call Attorney Torrence L. Howell. His phone number is (909) 920-0908 if you wish to receive a free consultation over the phone.

Free Business Law Case Evaluations in Corona CA

Free Business Law Case Evaluations in Corona CA

Delving into the world of business might just be the best or worst thing you put yourself through – or maybe even somewhere in between. It sounds odd to say that, but many business owners would say that that’s absolutely true. Owning a business, even a small one, is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

While being your own boss has many benefits, one disadvantage is that everything falls back on you; you’re liable for pretty much every little thing that goes wrong whether you like it or not. Legal issues with your business are one thing that you may (or might not) encounter during your time in business, and those can definitely be rough.

Fortunately, if you have a good Business Law attorney, you can worry less about the fate of your business and generally what’s going to happen next following a business-related legal problem. These attorneys are quite experienced with not only law in general but, specifically, business law, which often confuses people.

Attorney Howell Works With Many Types of Business Law Cases

There are so many legal issues that could potentially occur with a business. However, Attorney Howell is particularly keen on taking on clients wanting help with cases involving lease agreements, breach of contract, business litigation, change of ownership and structure, corporations and LLCs, and partnerships. Issues like these can get messy and complicated relatively quickly and can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed.

When you hire Howell to take on your case, you won’t have to ever worry about dealing with the latter issues on your own. The skills and knowledge of an attorney can do you good in the courtroom and can ultimately improve your chances of dealing with a favorable outcome after all is said and done. This is why you should never feel hesitant or worried about electing the help of a Business Law attorney.

Have a Chat with Howell Today for a Business Law Case Evaluation in Corona CA

Before you consider hiring Howell as your Business Law attorney, kick back and have a talk with him first to make sure you’re the right client-lawyer match. It matters to know if the lawyer you hire is someone you feel comfortable with and vice versa. With a free case evaluation in Corona, CA, you can quickly verify if your particular case is something Mr. Howell can handle.

Get your free evaluation now. Dial (909) 920-0908 to get in contact with Attorney Howell today.

Win Child Custody Against an Abusive Spouse in Diamond Bar CA

Win Child Custody Against an Abusive Spouse in Diamond Bar CA

Any good parent would want to shield their child of the harms of the world. It’s only natural to want to help your child avoid devastating hurdles, unexpected disasters, and unkind people. It’s even more so natural for a parent to want to keep their child safe from the other parent if said parent is considered dangerous or unfit to care for the child.

In the latter scenario, it would be a great time to consider kickstarting a child custody case and hiring a long-time Family Law attorney to guide you through your case.

Increase Your Shot of Receiving Full Child Custody in Diamond Bar CA

When there’s an abusive parent involved, it’s always critical to act quickly. First things first: call the police if you feel that the situation with the other parent is escalating to potential danger or is crossing legal boundaries. Then, it’s time to strongly consider fighting for full child custody alongside an attorney.

But how can you boost your shot of receiving full child custody? Gather as much evidence as possible, refrain from getting in verbal or texting arguments with the other parent, avoid doing or saying anything that could possibly hinder your chances of receiving full custody, keep your social media accounts private, and most importantly, make sure to hire a Family Law attorney who you can genuinely trust to take on your case.

Perhaps out of everything, hiring the right lawyer can be the main reason you successfully receive full custody over your child(ren). After all, they not only help gather and present evidence siding with you, but they can give you essential legal advice that can help you, help yourself win based on everything that is going on in your personal life. It’s always nice having someone to defend you and make sure you’re doing everything in your power to be perceived as the better parent inside and outside of court.

We Can Help with Your Child Custody Case

Even if you know very little about child custody and the process of receiving it in court, know that a Family Law attorney would be more than happy to help you.

Torrence L. Howell is an example of an exemplary lawyer, and with over two decades of experience up the sleeves of his suit, he’s skilled enough to take on even the most complex of child custody cases, whether or not it involves an abusive spouse.

Chat with Mr. Howell by calling him at (909) 920-0908 to see how he might be able to help you.


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