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Protect Yourself from Spousal Physical Abuse in Upland CA

Protect Yourself from Spousal Physical Abuse in Upland CA

Abuse of any sort – but especially physical abuse – coming from a spouse is not something anyone should be tolerating. In truth, spousal abuse is a situation that one should immediately seek legal help for. Not only is spousal abuse illegal and completely unfair for the victim, but it’s something that’s only going to continue happening as long as the victim doesn’t do anything to get the situation stopped. Over time, the abuse will get more frequent and more serious, hence why legal assistance is necessary from the beginning.

Physical Abuse from a Spouse is Always Worth Getting Legal Help Over

It might start offer as a few slaps or shoves directed towards you when they’re angry – or even punches to the wall when you make them upset. You might overlook it, however, because they’re generally a good person and tell you that they love you and care for you. You might also overlook the physical abuse if they don’t leave marks on your body or if they later apologize for the physical harm that they’ve inflicted upon you. But the truth is, abuse is abuse.

Statistics show that, often, when physical abuse starts, or when there are signs that your partner may become physically abusive in the near future, the abuse will get worse within a short period of time. You may find yourself in a situation where the abuse is so bad that you wish you would have saw the red flags sooner and would have done something about it back then. Many people have seen the patterns from an outsider’s perspective and know that this is normally how it goes.

Lawyer Up as Soon as You Can

Apart from getting law enforcement involved, an important step in dealing with physical abuse from your spouse is getting the right family law attorney on board.

An attorney can help unravel and present the details apart of your physical abuse case in court. This can be especially helpful for victims who are so shell-shocked and virtually speechless following the abuse, so having an attorney to speak on their behalf and help communicate in a more coherent and logically sound manner can be very much appreciated. With more legal knowledge and a better understanding of the court system, a family law attorney is more than necessary to help you beat your spousal abuse case.

Call Attorney Torrence L. Howell to see how he can help you during your physical abuse case in California.

Meet with a Child Support Attorney in Walnut CA

Meet with a Child Support Attorney in Walnut CA

Child support seems like a pretty basic policy that helps a parent continue to financially care for their child when the other parent has full custody. Without a doubt, child support payments can definitely help the custody parent out when it comes to paying for the child’s basic necessities and the like. Unfortunately, sometimes the child support-paying parent does not make payments like they should be. Other times, the custody parent might not feel like they’re receiving enough child support from the other parent, or the child support-paying parent might believe they’re paying too much for child support.

While everyone might wish that child support was fair on both ends and that it was guaranteed for the custody parent to receive each month, that simply isn’t always the case. That’s when it’s time to lawyer up.

Getting a Child Support Lawyer is the Right Decision to Make

You might think you know all the legal issues surrounding child support and how to ensure your child support case ends up going according to plan. However, these sorts of cases can get very messy really quickly. Shortly into fighting your case, you might realize that it’s not as simple as you had hoped for.

And while you may want your child support case to end up in your favor, what you might fail to realize is that there are three people considered in these cases: Parent #1, Parent #1, and the child involved. Judges are going to want what’s best for all parties involved, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Ultimately, however, the child is going to be in the best interests of the court – and rightfully so.

All in all, there is a lot to consider when it comes to child support cases, and it is far more complicated that simply telling Parent #2 to pay Parent #1 child support payments or time or to immediately lowering Parent #2’s monthly child support payments because of their current income and overall financial situation. Other aspects must also be considered and weighed. In truth, a family law attorney would be the best person to help make navigating the difficulties of child support cases easier.

Resolve Your Child Support Case with Torrence L. Howell

Child support cases can be a lot easier and smoother with the best family attorney in Walnut, CA. That person would be Torrence L. Howell.

Contact Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 to get your case evaluated.

Do You Need a Business Law Attorney in Diamond Bar CA?

Do You Need a Business Law Attorney in Diamond Bar CA?

When you own your own business, there is a lot of stress and tension on your plate, more than what you ever saw coming from the get-go. And there is a lot more that business involves from what you initially expected, from certain laws and regulations to follow to certain business-related problems that arise from time to time.

One day, you might land into some sort of legal issue involving your business, so it matters to know how to handle situations like these. There’s a first for everything; however, there’s nothing better than going into a case with the right representative by your side who already has the experience and knowledge that you might currently be lacking. The best representative? A business law attorney.

Reasons for a Business Law Attorney

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a business law attorney to help you out with your case. If you’re dealing with a situation like breach of contract, business litigation, business disputes, change of ownership or structure, drafting a lease agreement, setting up your business as a corporation or LLC, contract law, or the formation or dissolution of a legal partnership, then a business law attorney could be very helpful for you.

For business-related legal situations both big and small, the right business law attorney can make the process of dealing with legal paperwork and court sessions easier, less stressful, and more organized. Mentally and emotionally, an attorney by your side can also help. Sometimes what business owners really need when dealing with a legal problem is having someone to relieve their excess stress surrounding their case.

Get a Free Case Evaluation for Your Business Law Case in Diamond Bar CA

Are you uncertain whether or not you need to get a business law attorney to help you out with your case? Or are you worried about hiring the wrong lawyer? That’s part of what a free case evaluation is for! While normally case evaluations are meant for attorneys to see whether or not your case is something they can and are willing to help with, for the client, a case evaluation can help them determine if that particular lawyer is someone they’re interested in hiring to help them. So, case evaluations are perfect for both parties.

Get a case evaluation for free in Diamond Bar, CA from Business Law Attorney, Torrence L. Howell by dialing (909) 920-0908 today.

Torrence Howell is a 5-Star Family Lawyer in Chino Hills CA

Torrence Howell is a 5-Star Family Lawyer in Chino Hills CA

When you have a family law-related case in your hands, the best thing you can possibly do is find the most relevant attorney to help you out. It is far better and generally the safer option to hire an attorney to be by your side from the start to finish of your case than attempting to handle the case on your own. Attorneys can help guide you when you’re feeling lost, support you during the rockiest moments of your case, and defend you in court until the end.

Truth be told, every single type of family law case in the state of California can benefit from the work of a five-star family law attorney – someone like Attorney Torrence L. Howell.

Types of Family Law Cases

There are many different types of family law cases out there that a Family Law Lawyer can help one out with. This includes, but isn’t excluded to, cases involving alimony, child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence, divorce and child custody/support modifications, property rights, and divorce mediation.

Even something as “simple” as a case involving a person going after their ex for missed child support payments can be a messy case. In turn, even what might seem like a basic, easy case to handle on one’s own can be a complicated, messy case that really should involve the help and wisdom of a good family law attorney. Huge weights will be lifted off your chest when you’re able to confide in someone with extensive legal experience regarding your particular case.

Free Case Evaluations in Chino Hills CA

Nothing is more frightening than hiring a lawyer to help with your family law case, only to later discover that they’re not as great of an attorney as you imagined. Maybe you don’t like the way they communicate, feel that they aren’t as knowledgeable as you wanted them to be, or don’t have the confidence that they’re going to help you get the best outcome for your case.

Attorney Torrence Howell understands that clients and potential clients might feel this way and doesn’t want to put pressure on anyone to jump on getting an attorney they might not even want to keep. This is why he offers free family law case evaluations with is prospective clients to see if he and they would be a great client-attorney match.

Take advantage of your free case evaluation in Chino Hills, CA by calling (909) 920-0908.

Get a Peaceful Divorce in Etiwanda CA with Attorney Howell

Get a Peaceful Divorce in Etiwanda CA with Attorney Howell

Let’s face it, breakups and divorces are rarely ever peaceful. Even if it’s a two-sided desire, regardless of the reason, permanently separating from the person you love or once loved is very emotional, often bittersweet. Part of you is sad to leave behind the memories, another part of you worries about what life after divorce will be like, and another part of you contemplates whether or not you’re making the right decision.

California attorney Torrence L. Howell completely gets it. He works with several clients a year who are seeking a divorce, and he is familiar with how exhausting, emotional, and difficult this event can be. It’s a completely life-altering situation, for better or for worse. However, working with someone like Howell can make it easier for you to get a peaceful dissolution of marriage, even during all the hecticness going on in your life.

Divorce is Difficult for Multiple Reasons

There’s no doubt that divorce is a complicated process. You want it to end as quickly as it started, but that’s never how divorces go; they take months or even over a year to finish, depending on several circumstances. And that length of time alone can undoubtedly stress you out beyond what you can handle. On top of that, there are many other difficulties associated with divorce.

What makes divorce difficult, you wonder? If you’re already going through it, you know. For those who are considering it, it’s more complicated than it might seem. Changes of living arrangements, division of assets, disagreements in court, conflict regarding child custody, and the like might all be involved. Add angry or hurt emotions into the picture, and divorce is several times more difficult than what you might have ever anticipated. You might feel like you’ve let yourself or your spouse down, or instead, you might feel content with the dissolution but feel like you’re stuck in limbo until it’s completely over. In the end, almost every single person would tell you how hard divorce is on many fronts.

Ease Up the California Divorce Process – Call Attorney Howell Today

You don’t need to go through a divorce on your own. You don’t have to be the only one saying what you need to say. You can have an attorney by your side who will also be your voice and act as your guide.

Call a qualified Family Law attorney today at (909) 920-0908 to get the smoothest divorce possible in California.

Make Sure Your Children are Taken Care of After a Marriage Dissolution in La Verne CA

Make Sure Your Children are Taken Care of After a Marriage Dissolution in La Verne CA

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids. So, the last thing you want is for your divorce to interfere with your children. As much as you try to keep the divorce a secret from your kids, put on a smiling face, live your day-to-day life like normal, and act as calm and collected as possible, the divorce will eventually affect them. A divorce can change how your children are able to see their parents, where they live, and even where they go to school. And those are just the changes that occur on the surface, not even considering all the little details that occur to a child whose parents are divorcing or divorced.

The best way to make divorce easier on children is to get the best legal help possible. When you’re able to craft the best child custody plan for your child and get the best resolutions post-divorce, you’re better able to ensure your children are best cared for as possible.

Your Children Come First

Even amid something as serious and as stressful as the dissolution of your marriage, you know deep in your heart that your children deserve the best that they can get. It’s in your responsibility as the parent to make sure that they get what they deserve and that the divorce doesn’t impact them negatively too much.

Part of helping your children out is getting in touch with the best Family Law attorney in La Verne, CA. Here, you can discuss with them how to protect your children with the best interests in mind. An attorney would be happy to talk to you about how you can obtain child custody and what you can do differently during divorce proceedings to make it to where assets are divided fairly to not only benefit both you and your ex but also your shared children.

Protect Your Children with a Family Law Attorney in La Verne CA

Do you want the best resolution for your children? Are you concerned that you may lose custody of your kids through divorce? Do you worry about the lifestyle and living arrangements of your children post-divorce? These concerns mean it’s time to get a Family Law attorney to help you out.

Torrence L. Howell would be a great attorney fit for you and would be glad to help you with your case, no matter how complicated or messy. Call Howell at (909) 920-0908.

Get a Free Domestic Violence Case Evaluation in Norco CA

Get a Free Domestic Violence Case Evaluation in Norco CA

There are well over 100,000 cases of domestic violence-related phone calls that take place on an annual basis – and that’s just in the state of California alone. It’s horrifying to think that so many individuals live every single day within an unhealthy, unsafe household. Dealing with the situation is a problem as is, but for abuse victim, seeking help is a whole different battle and one that many hesitate to do.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse and are reading this right now, then this is a sign that it’s time to get help. Get out, get yourself in a safe situation, and seek legal help. This will absolutely be the best thing you could ever do for yourself (and your children, if applicable).

Never Let Domestic Abuse Slide

The worst thing you can do in this situation is do nothing. No matter how much you keep telling yourself that the situation is going to get better or magically fix itself, it’s statistically proven that domestic abuse of all types normally escalates and gets more frequent within time. It isn’t your fault, and it genuinely is out of your control. There may even periods of times where you might think the abuse has and will continue to stop, but it’s often only a matter of time before it eventually starts to happen again.

Whether it’s still in its early stages or has already gotten to a dangerous point, letting domestic abuse slide is reinforcing it. In your spouse’s eyes, refusing to do anything about the abuse communicates to them that you are weak, willing to put up with the maltreatment, and will stay with them regardless. However, they need to understand that the latter is the exact opposite of what you will do. They need to learn that there are consequences for their actions and that you do not deserve what they are putting you through.

Stop Domestic Abuse in Norco CA in its Tracks

Domestic abuse is not something one simply puts up with; it’s something to take serious action against. Apart from help from local police, you should also seek out an attorney to get the best solution for your situation. No matter the circumstances, something can be legally done.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell provides free case evaluations in Norco, CA for anyone experiencing domestic abuse. Get in contact today by calling (909) 920-0908. The sooner you get a case evaluation, the sooner you can get legal help for your case.

Resolve a Child Custody Dispute in San Antonio Heights CA

Resolve a Child Custody Dispute in San Antonio Heights CA

Dealing with child custody-related problems can be a big mess and a significant source of stress for the parents. For example, one parent might be struggling to make child support payments while the other might feel that they’re financially burdened because child support isn’t being paid to them by the other parent. So, really, one parent’s difficulties with child custody can surely rub off onto the other parent and even begin to directly affect the child or children involved.

Other types of child custody issues might involve a parent trying to gain custody from the other parent, the parent with custody believing that the other parent should be paying higher payments, or even the parent paying child support absolutely refusing to financially contribute not because of their own money issues but because of personal issues they have with the other parent. Either way, a good Child Custody lawyer in the state of California is necessary to help resolve the problem at hand.

Child Custody Disputes Can Be Stressful – But Doable to Deal With

There’s no doubt that child custody-related problems are difficult to deal with – sometimes financially, sometimes physically, but almost always emotionally. They truly can take a big toll on you and your mental health. Whether the other parent was the one who began the dispute or not, you’re smack dab in the middle of it and of course are going to feel the stress, anxiety, and tension surrounding the issue. And that’s quite normal to feel that way.

While stressful, rest assured that when you have the right Family Law attorney to work with you, child custody disputes can go a lot smoother. When you’re confident that you’ve picked the best lawyer to represent you, you will feel heavy weights lift off your shoulders and feel a great sense of trust towards that lawyer. Waiting for your next court date or appointment with your attorney won’t seem like such a big source of stress for you as, instead, you will feel content knowing that your attorney will have your back next time you meet up with them.

Get Legal Help for Child Custody in San Antonio Heights CA

Child custody seems like a simple thing, but it can easily turn into a big, serious problem with the other parent. That’s when a lawyer needs to step in and help resolve the situation.

Contact Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 for help with a child custody case in San Antonio Heights, CA.

Stop Domestic Violence in Rancho Cucamonga CA with a Restraining Order

Stop Domestic Violence in Rancho Cucamonga CA with a Restraining Order

Domestic violence is something that affects approximately 20% of all romantic relationships at some point in time. Sadly, many of these victims end up staying with their abusers because they believe things will change for the better or even believe that the abuse is “normal” and “inevitable.” Others want to leave but don’t because they fear the abuse will get worse or that they will even lose their life as a result of escaping. Either way, the situation is very scary and something nobody deserves to ever be in.

One thing is for sure: if you stay with an abuser, more than likely, the abuse will not stop. If anything, it will become more frequent and more intense as time goes on. So, it’s an absolute must to get out as quickly as you can. And you don’t have to be alone in a situation like this.

Don’t Fear Escaping an Abusive Spouse in Southern California – Now is Your Time for Freedom

First know that there are domestic abuse helplines, domestic violence prevention centers, and emergency authorities available to help you during your transition to an abusive spouse-free life. However, one of the important steps you will want to take is reaching out to a Family Law attorney who can help you with getting a domestic violence case started. Your abuser will not get away with this crime.

Apart from taking legal action against your abusive spouse for any physical, financial, emotional, and potentially other types of damage they have caused you, a Family Law attorney can help you seek a temporary or even a permanent restraining order against them. This way, you can be extra protected. Just knowing you have an active restraining order against your abusive spouse can give you great peace of mind and help you sleep better at night knowing that you are safer.

File a Restraining Order in Rancho Cucamonga CA ASAP

If you deem it a good time to get a restraining order against your abusive spouse and begin a case against them, it’s time to get in touch with an attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. One of the best Southern California attorneys for the job is Torrence L. Howell. Years of experience have given him the knowledge, skill, and power to take on domestic violence-related cases with ease.

Call Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 for a consultation at absolutely no cost to you. Soon, you will be one step closer to safety.

We Offer the Best Legal Representation for Business Law in Alta Loma CA

We Offer the Best Legal Representation for Business Law in Alta Loma CA

When you have a business, you want to protect it as much as you can. It’s your baby, after all. It’s how you pay the bills. It’s your passion. It’s what you wake up every morning to do. It’s something you take pride in. But, unfortunately, something like owning a business can quickly become a big disaster. This is especially true if your face a business-related legal problem such as breach of contract or a disagreement with a business partnership, for instance.

Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world (or the end of your business). Your business can be saved and restored good as new with the right business lawyer in Southern California.

Protect Your Business with the Best Business Attorney in Alta Loma CA

It’s easy to feel defeated and hopeless when your business experiences some sort of legal matter, even if it isn’t all that serious. Something as little as changing the structure of your business can seem like a big deal and a huge source of stress for you. You might instantly regret even starting your business to begin with, simply because you want to avoid the legal issues associated with such.

However, the legal issue your business is facing might not seem that big or all that complicated for someone like an attorney who specializes in Business Law. This is why they’re the perfect and most relevant person for you to turn to. They have experience, they know what they’re doing, and they have the capability of making magic happen! Never underestimate the power of an attorney.

Hire Attorney Torrence L. Howell for Your California Business Matters

You’ll never have to face a business-related problem alone when you have a good business attorney like Torrence L. Howell in Southern California. Howell is greatly experienced with just about any legal issue a small business or a large corporation might face. These issues include, but are not excluded to, business litigation, the drafting of a strong lease agreement, the dissolvement of a business partnership, and change of ownership or structure.

It’s better to reach out to a Business Law attorney sooner than later. So, act fast! Get a free consultation with a Business Law attorney, decide if they’re right for you, and hire them to help you as soon as humanly possible.

Now is the time to act. Call Torrence L. Howell now for legal representation for your business in the Alta Loma, CA area. His phone number is (909) 920-0908.


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