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No More Excuses: Time to Gain Custody in Ontario CA

No More Excuses: Time to Gain Custody in Ontario CA

It’s not always easy to begin the process of gaining custody of your son or daughter. You know deep in your heart that it’s time to make that change. However, you worry about the court process being difficult for you and your child to emotionally process. The financial aspects of taking your ex to court seem daunting. Having to keep going to court, filling out documents, and what not seems time-consuming. And you worry that taking your ex to court will create an extra divide between the two of you. You also concern how your child will feel about the court case and worry that they will begin to see you or their other parent differently, creating some awkward tension.

Torrence L. Howell, a California attorney in Ontario, CA, is here to tell you that attempting to get child custody doesn’t necessarily have to be this big ball of scariness and unwanted drama that you might assume it’s going to be.

Fighting for Custody in California Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

The key to making a custody case go smoothly is to hire a good Family Law attorney in Ontario, CA. The right lawyer can guide you through this intimidating but necessary process without making you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. An attorney can easily help break down what’s going to happen as they’ve gone through this same process many times with previous clients also wanting to gain child custody.

Not only can the right lawyer make things easier for you personally, but they can also make sure court goes relatively easy as well. The more experience and good ratings a lawyer has, the more likely it is that they will have what it takes to take on even a complex, messy child custody case. Their expertise and great communication skills should make you feel confident in taking them on as your personal lawyer. You should feel safe in their hands and not worry about not getting your questions answered by them. They should be your biggest support and ultimately your lifeline during this hectic time.

Call a Family Attorney in Ontario CA

Everyone attempting to gain child custody in Ontario, CA needs to have a good attorney on board. Without one, the chances of gaining custody are significantly slimmer. What you need is Torrence L. Howell as your Ontario, California lawyer to adequately present evidence supporting your side as to why you deserve to gain partial or full custody of your child.

Contact Howell at (909) 920-0908 for a free-of-charge consultation.

4 Factors that Make Divorce in California More Likely

4 Factors that Make Divorce in California More Likely

As you’ve heard it said many times before, approximately half of all married couples end up divorcing – whether it be within the first few years or even decades down the line. This doesn’t mean each individual couple necessarily has a 50-50 chance of either staying together or divorcing, however. After all, every couple is different, and some are more or less prone to divorcing right from the get-go.

One thing is certain, though: the following issues are signs that you and your spouse might be more likely to engage in a California divorce soon.

  1. Financial Problems
  2. To your surprise, financial issues are the top reason for divorce in the state of California. Not only do financial problems (i.e., low income, high debt, etc.) cause stress which can indirectly trigger fighting among couples from the stress alone, but financial incompatibility among couples is another reason for a potential divorce. Financial incompatibility in a marriage might involve…

    • having frequent arguments about one of the spouses spending too much money.
    • disagreeing as to where to put money (e.g., towards retirement or towards a new car).
    • anger towards one of the spouses who’s refusing to contribute money to the household.
    • one of the spouses wanting to invest a decent portion their money but the other spouse not being okay with taking investment risks.
    • hiding of money or lying about money in the marriage in attempt to avoid disagreements.
  3. Consistent Disagreements or Arguing
  4. Regular arguments about anything, no matter how minor or major, have the potential to slowly but surely damage a marriage and the happiness it once contained. Disagreements can be about anything from not being able to compromise on what city or state to live in, to not seeing eye-to-eye regarding how many children to have (if any), to being unhappy with the fact that your spouse isn’t cleaning around the house.

  5. Domestic Abuse
  6. Sometimes arguing can lead to full-blown abuse in the form of physical attacks, name-calling, or verbal put-downs. Other times, abuse occurs even if the couple normally gets along no problem. Either way, domestic abuse is not something that’s normal in a marriage – nor is it something that a spouse should be willing to simply “put up with.” Ultimately, this abuse can be the last nail on a coffin prior to a divorce.

  7. Infidelity
  8. Emotional and physical affairs are things that are difficult for couples to overcome. Therefore, divorce usually is the result of such, especially if the affair occurred for a long period of time or if there were multiple, recurring affairs. Affairs can cause feelings of betrayal, jealousy, anger, sadness, and distrust. These difficult emotions can make it nearly impossible for some couples to repair their relationship and move forward.

For any California couple going through a rough patch, we always recommend seeking marriage counseling to potentially help resolve the issue(s) at hand if you wholeheartedly believe the marriage can and should be saved. However, in the event that you feel endangered (e.g., abuse or violence), it’s best to reach out to local police officers for quick assistance and protection.

If you’re thinking about or certain about following through with a divorce in California, reach out to Attorney Torrence L. Howell for help. Contact him for a consultation at (909) 920-0908.

Did You Know that Putting Off Divorce in California Can Do More Harm Than Good?

Did You Know that Putting Off Divorce in California Can Do More Harm Than Good?It’s understandable why a couple would wish to legally separate first prior to getting a divorce. Divorce is a big decision and one that many don’t wish to ever have to follow through with, especially considering the costs, time, and stress associated with this major event. Not to mention, a big reason many people wish to separate first before considering divorce is to see if the relationship can be mended so that hopefully divorce doesn’t actually have to happen. For many couples, this does work, and that’s absolutely fantastic.

But if you’re having cold feet about going through the divorce whether it be worries about money, child custody, or what have you, and you don’t see the potential for your relationship to return to normal, we’re here to tell you that divorce might actually be your best option.

The Harms of a Long Separation

You’re separated, as the name implies, during a legal separation. However, you’re still technically married and, thus, share assets. Being separated, your husband or wife could be controlling your shared martial assets quite differently and in a manner that you might not be too thrilled with – and you could still be liable. Or, your spouse could even be hiding assets. This lack of control on your part could be detrimental.

What is more, if your spouse moves to another state or country during the separation, it’s possible they could be doing so to get better alimony benefits (or just so happen to end up in this situation). And, yes, paying better alimony to your spouse could come to bite you in the butt and leave you with worse finances than ever before. Not to mention, the longer you’re separated, the more time there is for alimony laws to change in your very own state, which may or may not grant the alimony-seeking party greater advantages.

And if you’re still financially dependent on your spouse, it can be quite scary being legally separated and trusting that your spouse will stick to their word. They could ghost you or simply stop giving you money when you could be better off divorced and receiving guaranteed alimony.

So, if you’re worried about things like paying alimony, having the title of “divorcee,” or whatever it might be, it turns out that divorce might really be the smoother option.

Cut to the Chase – Start the Divorce Process Now

Not every couple is meant for separation. For others, separation is meant to be a short-term thing to test the waters or help make the shift towards divorce easier. However, if you’ve been legally separated for quite some time, you’re better off proceeding with the divorce.

Contact Attorney Torrence L. Howell for a fast divorce in California.

The Best Strategies for Winning Child Custody in Montclair CA

The Best Strategies for Winning Child Custody in Montclair CAEvery year in the state of California, thousands of parents attempt to gain child custody of their little one(s). The process can be long, stressful, and grueling – but it doesn’t always have to be.

If you’re hoping to expedite the process and get the best outcome possible, try the following strategies.

Be Involved in Your Child’s Schooling

What makes a parent, you might ask yourself? It’s not just treating your child with respect and kindness and providing them with food, water, and shelter. It’s also playing an active and healthy role in their education.

This means taking them to school and picking them on time, supporting their extracurricular activities, buying them what they need to be successful in school, helping them with their homework, and providing them with a tutor if they begin to struggle in school.

Judges will be curious as to how active a role you play in your child’s education and what that role might be. Don’t be that parent that doesn’t care about your child’s schooling, but also don’t be an enabler and do your child’s schoolwork for them.

Give Your Child a Place to Thrive in Your Home

A child needs to feel comfortable in your home if that’s going to be their primary or only home environment they’ll be staying in.

This means that they should have their own room with an appropriate level of privacy, toiletries, and sources of entertainment. Your child should feel safe and welcome in a household if you wish to make them a permanent resident of such. It is your job as the parent top provide them with what they require to be happy and healthy.

Don’t Talk Garbage About Your Child’s Other Parent

Refraining from talking bad about the other parent is difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible for some folks. However, the best thing you can do is bite your tongue and try to refrain from as much drama as possible.

Even if your child’s other parent is talking bad about you to your face or behind your back, it’s important to be the better person, and rise above that. Talking bad about the other parent can make you look bad in court, create more emotional stress and tension for you, and may even cause your child to resent you or learn bad habits. Not to mention, being respectful with the other parent can make co-parenting so much easier and less strenuous.

You can make the process even easier with the right Family Law attorney. Reach out to Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 if you’re looking for a good child custody attorney to help you in Montclair, CA.

When Your Business Faces a Legal Problem, Call a Business Law Attorney in Etiwanda CA

When Your Business Faces a Legal Problem, Call a Business Law Attorney in Etiwanda CABusiness ownership is no easy task. Problems arise all the time, even though we wish and hope for everything to run smoothly. There might be a miscommunication issue between you and your employee. You might find yourself struggling to find new clients every now and then. You might even have a new competitor. These are struggles that nobody is really prepared for and certainly not enthused about when the time comes, but many can handle these little inconveniences and deal with them quite smoothly.

However, one hardship that every business owner cringes at is dealing with a legal-related issue. Not every business owner is incredibly familiar with business law, let alone, even has a business attorney that they can turn to during a legal trouble.

On the bright side, Torrence L. Howell, a Southern California business law attorney, is a great professional to rely on during these difficult times.

Common Legal Problems Businesses Face

Legal problems don’t necessarily strike all businesses (and that’s a plus). However, for the ones that do face legal issues, it’s not uncommon for them to experience one of the following legal troubles or obstacles:

  • Business disputes
  • Difficulties drafting a legal contract or lease agreement
  • Problems between business partners
  • Breach of contract violation from a client, vendor, or employee
  • The need for a change of ownership after selling or transferring the business
  • Desire to change the business entity to best benefit your company

It’s Not Just Big Businesses Who Can Face Legal Trouble

You might think it’d be the big businesses that have been in operation for several years that get slapped with legal difficulties. This just isn’t true. Even small businesses can deal with legal barriers and complications. Yes, even a brand-new business that has yet to break even might require help from a skilled business lawyer.

The latter need isn’t something any business owner anticipates. If anything, they want to avoid any legal aspect they can, but that isn’t the luxury all business owners receive.

Call Torrence to Get a Free Business Law Case Evaluation

If you’re finding yourself in a legal spat, confusion, or general mess when it comes to your small or large business, Torrence L. Howell is your man. Years of experience make him the perfect go-to guy for your business law-related needs. He is kind, compassionate, and quite knowledgeable with both common and not-so-common business legal issues.

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Why “Minor” Domestic Violence is a Good Reason for Divorce in Glendora CA

Why "Minor" Domestic Violence is a Good Reason for Divorce in Glendora CA

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and forms. However, some people only consider domestic violence serious if it involves physical violence – violence that is significant. But as many people would know, domestic violence can come in different intensities and can involve different scenarios.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell wants you to know that even “minor” instances of domestic violence can later become serious. Based on cases he has taken on in the past, many of his clients’ spouses were so-called mildly abusive, only for things to escalate later on. These cases not only necessitated divorce but also often required the need for a temporary or permanent restraining order.

Domestic Violence Can Escalate Overtime

One of the worst issues with domestic violence isn’t just the fact that it can involve physical wounds or emotional trauma but also the fact that it can get worse within a relatively short period of time. It’s rare for domestic violence to remain consistent without worsening. It might take several weeks, months, or even years, but eventually, your spouse may get comfortable with the idea of mistreating you and abusing you. It’s a cycle that is hard for the abusive spouse to break, and the abuse may become a way for them to control you.

This is why domestic violence should be always taken seriously. This is a situation that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Failure to take action early on can lead to things escalating quicker than you might realize. It can become a nightmare quite quickly.

Domestic Violence is Serious – Call a Family Law Attorney in Glendora CA Now

Even less serious cases of domestic violence should be classified as serious. Any form of violence, aggression, or abuse of any sort should be taken very seriously, especially when it is coming from your spouse – the person you live with and/or raise kids with. Never tolerate any form of level of abuse, whether it be physical, verbal, emotional, or what have you.

If you’re considering getting divorced from your spouse due to domestic violence and/or need to request a restraining order in order to be in a safer situation, it’s time to get in touch with a Family Law attorney in Glendora, CA. Lawyer Torrence L. Howell can assist you with either or both. He is very passionate about helping those in domestic violence-related situations and would love to help you too.

Contact Mr. Howell at (909) 920-0908 for a free consultation in Southern California now.

Did Your Spouse Have an Affair in Upland CA? Here’s What’s Next

Did Your Spouse Have an Affair in Upland CA? Here's What's Next

One of the worst things a spouse can do in a relationship is go behind your back and do the unthinkable – the thing you never thought nor expected them to ever do: cheat on you. Being unfaithful is wrong in many people’s eyes for a plethora of reasons. For once, it’s the ultimate form of betrayal. You were lied to. They were fake to your face while doing what they did in secret. It seemed like they didn’t even care how you feel; selfish is what most people would call it.

Some couples are able to successfully overcome an affair and become stronger. Others, well, not so much. While there’s always a possibility that things can mend and be great again, not everyone wants to remain in a relationship after an event such as an affair has occurred. In the latter case, if you are married and/or have children with the individual you are wishing to no longer be associated with on a romantic level, it’s best to seek legal assistance.

Legal Help After an Affair

What some couples choose to do during or after an affair is legally separate. During separation, they might seek marriage counseling in hopes to eventually repair their marriage and become one again. However, divorce may proceed within the weeks or months after separating.

Other times, one of the spouses might want to jump straight towards the process of divorce. This is a completely personal decision, but for some couples, it might be the best answer after an affair has happened.

And in the case of children, a spouse might wish to take full custody post-affair. This is especially true if the couple is looking to break up, separate, or even divorce. Either way, the child support agreement can always be modified in case the couple decides to get back together later down the line.

Get a Consultation for Free from Attorney Howell

Do you know what the next step is for you and your partner? You might have a good idea, or you might even be clueless at this point.

Either way, have a talking to with Attorney Torrence L. Howell in Upland, CA to learn more about legal separation, divorce, and/or child custody. He can fill you in with your legal options and walk you through the process a bit, so you can decide for yourself what might be best for you.

Talk with Torrence at (909) 920-0908 today.

Seeking Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA? Get an Attorney Now

Seeking Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA? Get an Attorney Now

Have you ever been hesitant to follow through with a divorce primarily because of how much your financial situation would change after divorcing your husband or wife? It’s a very common and understandable way of thinking.

You might feel this way because your spouse makes more than you – or even about the same as you do (after all, going from a shared income to half that income can be daunting). You might even be unemployed, laid-off, or a stay-at-home parent or spouse. Therefore, you might worry that you’ll no longer be able to make mortgage or rent payments on your own, let alone, still have plenty of money to keep food on the table, pay off credit card debt, and the like. And if there’s children in the picture, you bet that the expenses will be even higher, which means significantly more stress on you after a divorce.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as alimony or “spousal support.” Alimony is what keeps a person financially stable enough to continue living a decent life after getting a divorce.

Why Seek Temporary Alimony?

Temporary alimony might not be permanent (and it may or may not end up going that route in the future). However, it can be useful for many who are in the process of going through a divorce.

This short-term solution can help make the financial situation a bit easier for the spouse that might be suffering financially due to no longer sharing an income with their soon-to-be ex. Not to mention, getting a divorce can be expensive, so getting a little extra through temporary alimony might be what a person needs to be more financially secure during this difficult time.

That being said, alimony – whether temporary or permanent – can be a very good thing for those who are not in the most financially sound situation at present or who may not be while they’re getting a divorce.

File for Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA

Are you currently going through a divorce or about to go through a divorce? And do you or will you require extra financial security during such? Then you may require temporary alimony and may even qualify to receive such.

The best way to find out if temporary alimony will be granted to you is to get started today with a Family Law attorney. Torrence L. Howell, one of the best lawyers in Fontana, CA, is just a phone call away at (909) 920-0908.

How to Modify Child Support in Claremont CA

How to Modify Child Support in Claremont CA

Nothing is forever, as they always say. You might think that, that might not be true, but in many cases, it is, in fact, true. For instance, in the case of a child support agreement, many parents choose to make amendments at some point in time – and that is okay; sometimes things need to change in order for them to be better. After all, usually one parent is unhappy with the agreement from the get-go. So, why keep something if it doesn’t work and isn’t the best compromise?

What Calls for Child Support Modification?

So, you’re wondering why one might want to modify a child support agreement? There are many situations that might necessitate you or your ex to have the current child support agreement adjusted. So many changes happen from the time your little one is born to the present, after all.

Some examples of what might call for child support modification include:

  • One or both of the parents’ incomes changing (whether increasing or decreasing)
  • A recently growing family
  • You’ve received a jail or prison sentence.
  • Recent custody or visitation changes
  • The diagnosis of a disability (the child or even you, the parent)
  • A parent was recently laid off or fired from their job.
  • Changing education needs of the child (e.g., changing to a tuition-based private school, etc.)

These are just a handful of the reasons why a parent might prefer to have their child support agreement modified. Surely, there are other reasons why they might head this route. But in the end, the reason they want child support to be adjusted should be because their best interests are in the child or children involved. For instance, typically, the parent who is the primary caregiver should be the one receiving the child support and may even require higher child support payments to be able to continue to best provide for the child(ren) they share with their ex.

Modify Your Child Support Agreement in Southern California

Are you unhappy with the current child support agreement you have with your ex and your shared kids? Not to worry – that can always be changed.

Your first step is to get in touch with a Family Law attorney. They can help guide you through modification and can help you with actually making those modifications.

Do you live in or near Claremont, CA? Attorney Torrence L. Howell is a great lawyer for you to make child support changes. Get a free consultation with him by dialing (909) 920-0908.

Say Hello to Your New Business Law Attorney in Norco CA

Say Hello to Your New Business Law Attorney in Norco CA

Many business owners would say that they are very grateful to be in the situation that they are in: to own a business. Being self-employed comes with many perks from getting to work more flexible hours, to getting to take a break whenever you need it, to getting more power over your finances.

But with every good thing comes the cons. For instance, you’re going to be held responsible for any legal troubles that head your way. Also, it is your responsibility to deal with any other legal aspects that your business might involve. While this is no doubt a headache to deal with, these situations are much easier when you have a Business Law attorney by your side.

Meet Attorney Torrence L. Howell

If you’re looking for a Business Law attorney in the Norco, CA area, allow us to introduce you to Torrence L. Howell. This man is an excellent lawyer in Southern California. He has many years of experience dealing with the legal components of all types of business, both big and small. You can turn to him for many of your business needs, even ones that are quite complicated and complex.

The great thing about Torrence L. Howell is that he has good judgment, great communication, and impeccable intellect that makes him great when it comes to Business Law cases and other business legal situations. You can rest assured that all will go smoothly when you let Mr. Howell take the wheel.

What Mr. Howell Can Help You With

If you want your business to stay strong during legal complications, it’s best that you hire a Business Law attorney to assist you. Hiring Torrence L. Howell, you can expect great work out of him. He knows how to take charge in a variety of business-related legal instances, and he is someone you can learn to quickly know and trust.

Ways that Torrence L. Howell can assist you alongside your business is by helping you resolve a business dispute, deal with breach of contract or business litigation, or change ownership or structure of your business. Howell is very familiar with setting your business up as a corporation or LLC, helping you get a partnership agreement in writing, drafting a strong lease agreement, and creating various contract or finding resolutions for contract-related problems. There’s a lot he can do to help.

If you’re in need of any of these Business Law-related services, contact Howell at (909) 920-0908 for a free consultation.