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Achieve Immediate Protection from Spousal Abuse in Diamond Bar CA Now

Achieve Immediate Protection from Spousal Abuse in Diamond Bar CA Now

Spousal abuse, also referred to as domestic abuse, is more common than you might think, and no two victims deal with the exact same scenario. Regardless, everyone dealing with spousal abuse deserves to get the help they need to get out of the situation safely.

Spousal abuse can come in many different forms including martial rape, physical violence, financial control, emotional or psychological abuse, or even threats (to you, another family member, a pet, or even property). Abuse can involve immediate or non-immediate danger. Although, even if you don’t believe it involves immediate danger, it can escalate, putting you in a potentially very dangerous situation.

Besides your local police, a Family Law attorney can play a role in helping you get out of an abusive situation involving your spouse.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Against Spousal Abuse

There are many things a Family Law attorney can help you out with when it comes to taking a stand against spousal abuse. They can assist you in understanding your legal rights and protections, help you receive a restraining order, and even help you collect and present evidence to prove that your spouse is in fact abusive.

Luckily, in the state of California, the legal definition of abuse involves various forms of maltreatment. And California attorneys specializing in Family Law can work with a wide range of different levels and types of spousal abuse from mental abuse to physical violence. Family Law attorneys can also help you with the divorce and child custody process, if applicable. California lawyer, Torrence L. Howell, is an example of a legal practitioner who can help you with any of these legal tasks.

Free Case Evaluation: Call Now!

Are you unsure who would be the perfect attorney for you to assist you with your case? Do you have a very particular case or complex case that you worry your everyday lawyer may struggle to take on? Do you have questions about how your case could be carried out?

All you have to do is call Attorney Howell to get your inquiries and concerns answered. It isn’t fair for you to be left in the dark, afraid and uncertain of what to do next. Having someone, like Attorney Howell, guide you with the process can be one of the best decisions you make as you aim for a safer, happier life.

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Deal with Threats of Violence from an Ex-Spouse with an Attorney in Pomona CA

Deal with Threats of Violence from an Ex-Spouse with an Attorney in Pomona CA

Divorces, annulments, and separations are never easy. Even disregarding child custody, the division of assets, and general heartbreak, going through a situation like this can be a lot for even the strongest person to handle. Anyone who has gone through the process could tell you that.

As if things couldn’t get more worse, some individuals have to deal with more on top of the latter, such as threats of violence coming from their ex-spouse. Whether the threats are a form of retaliation following the breakup or due to the outburst of a general fight or disagreement, the victim has yet another thing to worry about and hold fear over.

If you happen to be a victim of threats of violence, you are not alone, and there are things you can do to get this issue resolved on a legal level.

Even if the Violence Hasn’t Occurred, It’s Still Illegal

It’s true that physical violence does not have to happen in order for you to get legal help. Just a verbal or written violent threat or promise to injure someone (yourself, a loved one, or a pet) is enough to take to court according to California Law. And, yes, threats of violence from a spouse without physical abuse is still considered domestic violence, and threats of violence are still illegal even if the person is no longer your spouse.

Even if you aren’t completely confident that your ex will carry out the threat or promise, it’s better to be safe than sorry – especially if children are involved. Your safety always comes first, and one of the best ways to obtain that is to seek assistance from the authorities, whether that be a police officer, a lawyer, or both.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell Can Work with Domestic Violence Cases

First things first: if you feel that you are in immediate danger at any given moment, call the police. But whether or not you decide to call the police, it’s a good idea to get a Family Law attorney involved who has experience working with domestic violence cases.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell in is one licensed Family Law attorney in Pomona, CA who can assist you with a threat of violence case. Apart from threats of violence, Howell can also assist clients with physical, mental, sexual, child, and other forms of abuse, including harassment.

Call Howell now at (909) 920-0908 for more information on how he can help you.

How to Change Child Custody Agreements in the State of California

How to Change Child Custody Agreements in the State of California

It’s not unusual when one or both parents no longer feels like their child custody agreement is suitable. Things may have recently changed for one of the caregivers, the needs of the child involved may have changed, or both. Changes like these may be completely inevitable, but nonetheless, they often necessitate that the current child custody agreement is amended accordingly.

If you’re interested in changing your child custody agreement in California, read on for more information on how to do that.

It’s Time to Ask for a Court Hearing

First things first: it’s time to ask the court for an amendment to the custody and visitation order. But in order to do so, you must prove that there has been a change in circumstances from the time the custody was originally prepared. The change in circumstances should be in the best interests of the child involved and should be significant enough to require an amendment from the start.

To request a court hearing for child custody changes, you must fill out the appropriate court forms, allow the family law facilitator at your local court to review the forms, file your forms with the clerk at your local court, and then after approval and when you get your court date, it’s time to have someone serve papers to the other parent.

Hire a Family Law Attorney in California Today

Going through court to deal with a change in child custody is easier said than done. This is especially true when the other parent is not in agreeance or when neither parent knows exactly what’s in the best interest for the child as circumstances or situations change.

It might be complicated dealing with child custody changes, but one way to make the child custody amendment process go smoother is to hire a Family Law attorney to assist you in making all the right decisions. And if there is a need to prove that the other parent is unfit for custody or if you need to prove that you’re suitable enough to gain more custody or visitation rights for your child, the right attorney can most definitely do that.

Torrence L. Howell, an attorney in the state of California, is the right man for the job. Several years of experience make him a reliable match for many individuals looking to make changes to their custody and visitation agreement.

Dial (909) 920-0908 to get a consultation from Torrence L. Howell.

Can My Spouse Get Child Custody in a California Divorce if They Test Positive for Drugs?

Can My Spouse Get Child Custody in a California Divorce if They Test Positive for Drugs?

Every good parent wants to ensure their children are safe and sound. No parent wants their child to be bullied in school, have to put up with unsafe conditions while being watched at daycare, or face a serious injury while on the playground. Although, parents know they can’t just wrap their child in bubble wrap to prevent any sort of harm from happening to them, they still want to do what they can in their power to keep their children as safe as possible.

This is especially true in the middle of a divorce. A parent is bound to want to do something to prevent the other parent from getting custody if they are, in fact, dangerous or could prove to be a bad parent otherwise. One reason you might want to gain full custody over your child(ren) is if your ex or soon-to-be-ex spouse is using drugs, which is completely understandable.

When Courts Will Take Action Against Parental Drug Use

Courts won’t know about a parent’s drug use, that is, unless the topic comes up during a child custody hearing, the courts have strong suspicion that drugs may be involved, if the parent had a criminal past involving drugs. That said, it’s usually up the other parent to bring up the parent’s drug use in court.

Once brought up, the judge will want to verify that the drug use is indeed true and happening at present. They will also be curious to know how the drug use may affect their parenting.

For example, if a parent drinks alcohol on occasion, but it doesn’t impact their ability to parent their child(ren), this will not affect custody. However, if a parent is considered an alcoholic and may become abusive while drinking, drive under the influence while children are in the car, or neglect their child’s needs while drinking, this can most definitely change how custody is distributed between the two parents. In addition, the parent who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse may not be granted visitation rights and have limited communication with their child(ren).

Hire a California Attorney Specializing in Family Law Now.

It’s scary to think that your spouse could potentially endanger your child(ren) if they suffer from a drug or alcohol problem. That’s where legal help comes in. If you happen to be going through a divorce, or already went through a divorce, and want to make sure your children are protected, your next step is to get in touch with a top-rated California Family Law attorney today. Call (909) 920-0908 to speak with Lawyer Torrence L. Howell now.

Draft a Strong Lease Agreement for Your Business’s Rental Property in Norco CA

Draft a Strong Lease Agreement for Your Business's Rental Property in Norco CA

A lease agreement serves many purposes. For one, it contains any rules and guidelines that the tenant must follow if they wish to keep the contract in good standing and, thus, continue to be able to rent the property. Secondly, a lease agreement legally protects the landlord if anything were to happen in regards to the tenant breaching the contract.

For example, if the terms and conditions of the lease agreement clearly say that smoking isn’t allowed inside rentals, and the tenant smoked on the property, causing foul odors in the rental and yellow staining on the walls, the landlord could take legal action to get compensation for the damages.

As you can see, a solid lease agreement is very important, hence why Torrence L. Howell strongly believes rental property owners should hire a qualified Business Law attorney to help them with the drafting process.

What a Business Law Attorney Can Do to Help

As mentioned, a good Business Law attorney can help residential and commercial rental property landlords come up with proper, well-written lease agreements. This way, landlords can be more positive that if they have a bad tenant, they could have an easier time evicting them and, if necessary, legally coming after them for compensation.

Besides the latter, a Business Law attorney can instruct tenants of their rights under the lease agreement. Thirdly, this expert can help legally resolve a dispute between a landlord and a tenant, representing either side.

Really, a Business Law attorney can do a lot when it comes to all legal things related to lease agreements. If anything, they know more about how these agreements work than any landlord or tenant would.

Get Your Lease Agreement Drafted Today.

Drafting a lease agreement on your own can be confusing, aggravating, stressful, and time consuming. And the last thing you’ll want to do is have an unexperienced pal write one for you or even find a random lease agreement sample online to use without knowing how adequate it will be or even if it will be applicable for your state.

Your best bet is to have a Business Law attorney handle the drafting process for you and assist you with any confusions along the way. You will never regret hiring an expert for this long and tedious process. If anything, you’ll be more than glad that you did.

Dial (909) 920-0908 to talk to Lawyer Torrence L. Howell about his lease agreement drafting services.

Considering Divorce Mediation in Ontario CA? Get a Free Consultation Today with an Attorney

Considering Divorce Mediation in Ontario CA? Get a Free Consultation Today with an Attorney

Divorce is something very personal. Couples choose to divorce all the time for various reasons. And although it is ultimately their business and their business only, there may be a time where a third party may be required to help a divorcing couple work through their issues that still need to be dealt with. This way, they can figure out what will be best for the each of them as well as any children that are in the picture.

What Issues Can a Mediator Help With?

Mediators can help with numerous issues for a divorcing couple. However, one divorcing couple may require help for different issues from another couple. Everyone has different needs, wants, and concerns after all. Everyone’s circumstances may also vary. For instance, whether or not the couple has children together, the types of assets they have, and the like will all make a difference in what issues need to be dealt with, with a third party.

Some of the issues a mediator can help with include, but isn’t excluded to, child custody, child support, alimony, and asset distribution.

Is Mediation Required for Divorcing Couples?

Absolutely not. The decision to have a third party assist with common divorcing-related issues is completely up to the spouses. However, mediation is strongly recommended as it can help make the process of divorce much smoother, less costly, and in the end, fairer for both sides.

Divorce is rarely ever “easy,” which is why having a third party help make some of the big divorce decisions is a good idea. This is especially true if the couple strongly disagrees with one another, has difficulty communicating with each other, and/or has trouble making decisions that would not only best benefit them but also their child(ren) if applicable.

Opt for Divorce Mediation in Ontario CA Today.

It’s not always simple admitting that you need a mediator to help you as you close off your marriage with your spouse. But ultimately, it can be for the better.

With a third party present, this can help both spouses feel more at ease knowing that they will have an expert help delegate post-marriage assets and so on. In turn, this can take a great deal of hard feelings and stress off their hands during the process. And for the spouses who don’t particularly get a long at the slightest, divorce mediation may leave them on less shaky ground and feeling less resentful towards one another in general, which is crucial in the long run if there are children in the picture.

If you’re interested in divorce mediation, contact Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908.

Child Support and Coronavirus: 4 Concerns California Parents Have

Child Support and Coronavirus: 4 Concerns California Parents Have

The Coronavirus has triggered a lot of change in our daily lives. From which businesses we’re allowed to continue to get products and services from to where we can travel to at this time, just about all of us have had some sort of life alternation thus far.

Another major change that parents, in particular, are facing in the state of California and beyond is child support, that is, if they’re sharing parenting duties with an ex or other non-spouse. If you’re one of those confused parents right now, read on to learn more about how child support is affected due to the current pandemic.

  1. Will Child Support Payments be Delayed Due to the Coronavirus?
  2. No. There are no expected delays in the processing of child support payments. This means the parent who owes child support will still have the same due dates, and the parent who is the recipient is expected to receive payments on the same schedule to ensure the applicable child(ren) are able to continue to be financially taken care of.

  3. What Can I Do if Other Parent isn’t Paying Child Support Due to Income Loss?
  4. It is the struggling parent’s responsibility to get the agreement modified in their favor or get in touch with a local child support agency for assistance if they’re unable to pay child support because of the current situation. If they fail to, you can speak with a Family Law attorney about taking legal action. Penalties from jail to monetary fines may be involved for the non-paying parent.

  5. Can I Still Get Child Support Amended if I Need More Support from the Other Parent?
  6. Are you out of work or dealing with the loss of wages due to the Coronavirus and need more support from the other parent to care for your child(ren)?

    If so, then you can still get the child support agreement amended. However, at an uncertain time like this, it’s best to talk to your ex or non-spouse directly about coming up with an agreement to increase child support payments. Once in writing, you can speak with a California lawyer to get it legally sorted out.

    If an agreement between the parents cannot be made, then they must reach out to the court. The parent struggling income-wise can then modify the support back to the date their finances declined. Although, it may be difficult to get a court date at this moment.

  7. If I Owe Child Support, Will My Stimulus Check Be Taken from Me?
  8. Most likely, yes. If you are eligible for a federal stimulus check but have overdue child support payments in California, your check will be likely be automatically (and legally) garnished to help pay off that debt. If you owe less than the amount on your stimulus check, you will still probably get your check; however, the amount you receive will be reduced.

Is your ex or other non-spouse refusing to pay child support right now? Or, are you having any other child support-related issues at this time?

Contact Torrence L. Howell, an attorney specializing in Family Law, at (909) 920-0908 today to get your concerns legally taken care of.

Why Consider Setting Up Your Business as an LLC in California?

There’s a lot one must consider when starting their own business from scratch. Everything from the name of the business, to the marketing and branding, to what the business will offer, to who will work there, to what the business hours will be must all be considered.

All the latter aspects are surely important for any business. However, the legal aspects of a business are just as important, if not more. Contracts must be signed; the business must be properly registered with all applicable certifications up to date; and federal, state, and local regulations must be followed by the owner and all employees.

Another legal aspect of a company that one should consider is setting up a business’s legal structure as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Read on to see why choosing to set up your business as an LLC could be a good idea.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Double Taxation.

Did you know that owners of corporations may be subject to double taxation but that owners of LLCs are not? It’s true!

Corporations normally pay taxes on net income, and then the owner must pay taxes again on the dividend income they receive. On the other hand, when one has an LLC, they can skip having the file a corporate tax return and can instead just fill out an individual tax return, meaning there’s no double taxation for them.

An LLC is Essentially a Blend of a Corporation and a Partnership.

Both LLCs and partnerships aren’t subject to double taxation, making them similar in a sense. LLCs, however, are also similar to corporations in terms of holding limited liability. But unlike partnerships, LLC-structured businesses don’t need an owner who’s considered a “general partner” who would be held liable for any debts of the business. And unlike a corporation, as mentioned, there’s no double taxation. So, in a way, an LLC offers a blend of both a corporation and a partnership without being exactly like either.

Ownership Structures are More Flexible.

Many business structures disallow how many owners a company can have or even the types of entities who can take ownership of the company. What makes LLCs different is that their ownership structure is highly more flexible. These businesses can have any number of members, members can be individuals or of any entity, and the members can own up to any percentage of the business that is agreed upon, as long as it doesn’t surpass 100% of the company.

All in all, an LLC is a great legal structure to have for a business. Although it isn’t free to achieve the legal structure, it’s worth it in the end for many businesses.

Are you interested in setting up an LLC in Southern California? Contact Business Law Attorney Torrence L. Howell now for assistance. His phone number is (909) 920-0908.

3 Signs of Domestic Abuse that California Residents Often Overlook

3 Signs of Domestic Abuse that California Residents Often Overlook

With how major of a crime domestic abuse can be, you’d think most people would understand exactly what this crime might involve. But from the perspective of a victim, it’s not so clear-cut. Many people don’t want to believe they’re a victim. For example, the victim may not believe they’re experiencing domestic abuse because they know their abuser loves them, and they love them back.

The truth is, no matter who the abuse is coming from, why, and how – and regardless of their feelings for you and your feelings for them – abuse is abuse.

Below are three signs that you’re experiencing domestic abuse.

  1. Your Spouse Controls Everything You Do.
  2. Abuse isn’t always physical. And although control coming from a spouse starts out verbal, it can end up getting physical fairly quickly. From keeping you away from family and friends, to failing to let you have access to shared bank accounts, to refusing you to have any sort of social media platform, control can come in a handful of ways.

    Victims who fail to comply to a spouse’s means of control and strict rules may end up physically abused, verbally ridiculed, or threatened (e.g., “I’ll throw you against this wall if you try to leave the house,” or “If you text or call someone besides me, I’m canceling your phone service and breaking your phone.”).

  3. You’re Forced to Have Sex Against Your Will.
  4. Relationship or not, male or female, legal age of consent or not, being forced to engage in any sort of sexual activity is illegal. Even when married to someone, they must accept that by law, your body is your body. No consent means no legal sexual interaction, period.

    However, in the abuser’s eyes, they deserve sex whenever and wherever, disrespecting the partner’s feelings altogether and/or getting mad when the partner refuses to comply with their demands. With this type of black-and-white thinking, it’s not uncommon that the abuser resorts to raping the partner, makes threats to cheat, physically assaults the victim, or verbally abuses the partner.

  5. They Threaten You or a Loved One as a Form of Punishment.
  6. Threats on their own, for any reason, are considered abuse, even if the relationship normally doesn’t have any other form of abuse. And, often, these threats overlap with control as a way to stop you from doing something, talking to someone, or going somewhere. Although, they can be used as a form of punishment too after you’ve already done something or are currently doing something.

Threatening to scream loudly in public to embarrass a partner to stop them from crying, kick a partner out of the house permanently if they don’t come home in five minutes, or have sex with someone else because their partner worked overtime are examples of this type of abuse as a form of punishment. Threats can be physical or not.

Abuse in the household can be a very scary situation for anybody to have to go through as the victim. Getting the legal help you deserve may be necessary to help you heal and get out of your abusive situation.

If you’re a victim, please call (909) 920-0908 to talk to a California-based Family Law Attorney today.

Domestic Violence Has Been Increasing Since the Quarantine. Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in CA Today!

Domestic Violence Has Been Increasing Since the Quarantine. Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in CA Today!

Since the Coronavirus erupted and large numbers of people have been staying home in California, there has been a lower rate of crime on the streets. That’s great news to hear. But the bad news? More violence has been occurring within the household setting among spouses or even from parent to child – and sadly, many of these cases are not been reported.

Although domestic violence is a serious crime that should never be overlooked, many victims understandably feel too scared to report the abuse, reach out for help, or even admit that there’s a problem from the start. However, Family Law Attorney Torrence L. Howell, who has years of experiencing working with clients’ domestic abuse cases, urges the importance of getting assistance for a crime like this.

The Importance of Getting Help for Domestic Violence

Rarely is domestic violence something that occurs just once or twice. Several studies over the years have shown that domestic violence has a high recurrence rate, and often, it gets worse as time goes on. It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break. What may start out as a slap or the throw of a lightweight object at a human could later result in punching and choking.

By getting help for domestic violence, you’re not only helping yourself and/or your child(ren), but you’re also helping other people who might otherwise become a future victim of the same abuser. And by taking your abuser to court, you’re able to get compensated for any medical bills and/or emotional suffering that you might have gotten as a result of the abuse.

Contact Attorney Torrence L. Howell Today for Legal Help.

It’s not always easy to admit when you’re a victim of abuse. Sometimes the love and respect you have for your abuser is greater than the temporary pain they might make you feel. However, because domestic violence can be extremely life-altering and is likely to continue and get worse overtime, it’s critical that you get the help you require as soon as possible.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell has been taking on domestic abuse-related cases for decades. From mental abuse to physical abuse or threats of violence, Howell can take on just about any domestic abuse case, big or small. He currently serves several locations in California including Montclair, Chino Hills, San Antonio Heights, Upland, Corona, La Verne, and more.

Give Howell a call now at (909) 920-0908 for a free consultation.