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Don’t accept harassment—fight back with help from a domestic violence attorney.

There seems to be no limit to the creativity of domestic violence abusers in making their victims feel frightened and powerless. One form of abuse that is not always recognized as such is harassment. When an intimate partner engages in any of these behaviors, it could be a signal to contact a domestic abuse harassment attorney in Upland CA for help:

  • Stalking (including cyberstalking)
  • Making threats
  • Sending harassing phone, text, or email messages

How Can a Domestic Violence Attorney Help?

The first step to escaping the unwanted and harassing attentions of an intimate partner or family member is to contact an Upland CA domestic violence attorney for help securing a restraining order. Torrence L. Howell can help figure out which type of restraining order best applies to your case and will grant you and your loved ones the best protection:

  • Emergency protective order: This type of restraining order can be granted in an emergency, to provide up to 5 days of protection from any domestic abuser or any individual who may be stalking you.
  • Domestic violence restraining order: This type of order applies to victims of harassment by a spouse or domestic partner, a dating partner, a live-in lover, an ex, or a close relative by blood or marriage such as a parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or step-parent. Your domestic violence attorney can help secure a temporary order good for 15 to 21 days and then present arguments to convince the judge to extend the order for up to 3 years if needed.
  • Civil harassment restraining order: This type of restraining order can help individuals who are being threatened by a family member who does not qualify as a domestic violence abuser, such as an aunt or cousin. It can also apply to neighbors or friends.

Have You Been Accused of Harassment?

If you have been accused of a pattern of harassment, you need to take the allegations seriously in case you end up being arrested on criminal charges. Torrence L. Howell can help you protect yourself against criminal charges as well as against the fallout that a harassment accusation may have on any pending or future family law cases. For example, he can help prevent an ex from unfairly denying you custody of your kids based on ungrounded accusations that you harassed them.

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