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Business Disputes

Resolve internal and external business disputes faster with help from an experienced business attorney in Upland CA.

When you’re working hard to keep your business running smoothly, even a small internal or external business dispute can present a potentially serious stumbling block. Fortunately, you can get help vaulting over these stumbling blocks as quickly and cost-effectively as possible by hiring an experienced business attorney in Upland CA to advise you. As a skilled attorney who also has an MBA plus first-hand understanding of what it takes to run a business, Torrence L. Howell is an excellent choice of attorney for all your internal and external business disputes.

Options for Resolving Business Disputes

Business disputes can not only create a drain on your personal time and energy, but also on the assets of the business. This makes it imperative to bring disputes to a satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible. As your business attorney in Upland CA, Torrence L. Howell will carefully analyze the facts of your case and then advise you of your options for moving forward, along with the potential risks and costs of each option. Torrence L. Howell can assist with:

  • Mediation: Mediation is an extremely helpful option for resolving business disputes, especially for small businesses who may not have the resources to survive a drawn out dispute. During a mediation, the two parties having the dispute meet to work out a mutually acceptable solution to their problem with the aid of a neutral third-party mediator.
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is very similar to mediation, with the difference being that no third-party mediator is involved in the actual discussion. Instead, the third party arbitrator simply helps keep lines of communication open between the two parties.
  • Litigation: If the parties involved are not able to reach an agreement, they can then go to court to a have a judge settle their dispute. Naturally, aggressive representation from a skilled business attorney in Upland CA will be essential for securing the best possible outcome in court.

It is very important to get advice from a business attorney in Upland CA before entering mediation or arbitration, as understanding your legal position on the issue will help prevent inadvertently agreeing to an unfair deal.

Discuss Your Dispute with a Business Attorney in Upland CA Today

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