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Child Abuse

Protect your children from domestic violence with help from Torrence L. Howell.

A child does not have to be the specific target of the abuse in order to suffer from domestic violence. Children are affected by what they see and hear, so the abuse of a parent can definitely lead to a situation where a child may experience such fear, anxiety, depression, and emotional anguish that they too require protection. In fact, in certain situations where the domestic violence against a parent has presented a serious risk of physical or emotional harm to a child, it is actually mandatory for doctors and other officials to contact Child Protective Services. Fortunately, you don’t have to work out all the details of the law yourself. Instead, you can simply contact Upland CA child abuse attorney Torrence L. Howell for help determining if your domestic violence situation entitles your child to legal protection.

When Do Children Need Protection?

Some common examples of situations that should inspire you to contact a child abuse attorney in Upland CA include:

  • Deliberate physical harm to a child
  • Sexual abuse of a child
  • Verbal or emotional abuse of a child
  • Physical abuse to a parent holding a child
  • Harm to a pet in front of the child
  • A child physically intervening in the abuse of a parent
  • Threats against a child—including violence and kidnapping

How Can a Child Abuse Attorney in Upland CA Help?

A child abuse attorney in Upland CA can help protect children from domestic violence abusers in several ways. First, an attorney can act quickly to get a temporary restraining order to keep an abuser away. This can be done without the abuser even having to be present at a hearing, and may include a provision for child support if needed. Remember, this option may be available regardless of whether the abuser targeted the child or the parent.

An attorney can also assist with any necessary changes to child custody agreements that may be needed to prevent an abuser from inappropriate contact with a child. For example, maybe joint custody needs to be changed to sole custody to exclude the abuser, and visitation needs to be changed to supervised visitation to protect against the possibility of further abuse or retaliation against the child.

What If I’m Accused of Child Abuse?

If you are facing any type of domestic violence allegations that may affect your ability to exercise your rights to contact with your children, you need to contact an expert child abuse attorney in Upland CA such as Torrence L. Howell immediately. He can assist with both the criminal and the civil aspects of your case, gathering evidence that may help disprove the allegations against you and prevent them from influencing future family law matters such as child custody or child support arrangements.

Free Initial Consultations Available

Facing a domestic violence situation that places your children in harm’s way can be stressful to say the least. Learn about your rights and options for free by calling (909) 920-0908 to request a free initial consultation with Torrence L. Howell.