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Need to change a custody or support agreement? Call expert Upland CA family law attorney Torrence L. Howell.

Assuming you had a quality family law attorney on your side when your support and custody orders were first drafted, they should be fair and equitable. However, as life goes on agreements that were once fair may become unfair. Fortunately, the law has foreseen this eventuality and provided a means to update alimony, child support, and child custody orders via a petition for modification. In order to get the best possible chance of securing the modifications you deserve quickly, hire Torrence L. Howell as your family law attorney in Upland CA. He knows the family court system inside and out and he can help you prepare a strong argument for the necessary changes that will restore fairness and equality to your agreements.

What Could Justify Alimony Modifications?

Alimony modifications should be at least considered whenever the supported spouse’s income increases or the supporting spouse’s income decreases. Some specific examples of scenarios that could justify a call to your family law attorney in Upland CA include:

  • The paying spouse loses their job or suffers a permanent reduction in earning power
  • The supported spouse gets a new job or a raise and becomes self-supporting
  • The supported spouse remarries or is co-habitating
  • Child support has ended

It is important to understand that when making a support modification, the court will not concern itself exclusively with numbers. It may also consider whether either spouse is deliberately not making a good faith effort to earn a sufficient income. For example, if the court determines that the supported spouse is not making a good faith effort to become employed despite having the ability and opportunity to do so, the judge may decide to grant a petition to reduce or terminate support although on paper there does appear to be a need for that support. These types of cases can get complicated so naturally you will want a family law attorney in Upland CA who is experienced in modifications on your side.

What Could Justify Child Support Modifications?

In addition to changes in the financial situations of both parents, changes in the needs of the child can trigger a child support modification. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, contact Torrence L. Howell for help requesting a modification:

  • The parent paying support can no longer afford it due to income or health problems
  • The parent receiving support begins earning more
  • The parent receiving support gets remarried
  • The physical custody split is changed
  • The child has been emancipated
  • The child requires additional support for a specific medical or educational need
  • The child requires ongoing support after age 18 due to disability

As always, the welfare and best interests of the child will be the court’s main concern when considering petitions for child support modifications.

What Could Justify Child Custody & Visitation Modifications?

Child custody agreements are intended to promote the best interests of the child. What is best for the child may evolve as they grow up and as their parents’ make changes in their own lives. Some possible examples of reasons to request a custody or visitation modification include:

  • Joint custody needs to be changed to sole custody to protect kids from an unsafe home environment
  • One parent is being incarcerated or deployed overseas
  • A parent who has developed an addiction or a dangerous mental illness needs to have visitation supervised and/or reduced
  • A previously unfit parent has demonstrated they deserve increased contact with their kids
  • The custodial parent has relocated and the other parent needs a different visitation schedule

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