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Spousal Abuse

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Of all the forms of domestic violence, spousal abuse is one of the most disturbing. After all, individuals in a marriage have pledged to love and honor one another and it is tragic to see this trust broken with abuse of any kind. Fortunately, you can get help with your case from expert Upland CA spousal abuse attorney Torrence L. Howell.

What Qualifies as Spousal Abuse?

It is very important to understand that spousal abuse in Upland CA is not limited to physical harm. A wide variety of actions may fall under the legal definition of spousal abuse. What all these actions have in common is that they are perpetrated with the intent of maintaining power and control over the spouse. Some possible actions that could be grounds for calling a spousal abuse attorney in Upland CA include:

  • Physical violence of any kind
  • Marital rape
  • Withholding reproductive control
  • Withholding money or employment to make a spouse financially dependent
  • Emotional and psychological abuse
  • Threats against the spouse, children, pets, or property

How Can a Spousal Abuse Attorney in Upland CA Help?

Victims of spousal abuse are often in the most danger when they decide to leave their partner. Therefore, you will want to be sure of your decision and make sure you have the support of an expert spousal abuse attorney in Upland CA who can also assist with all the family law issues that will arise from your separation. Torrence L. Howell can help you:

  • Secure a temporary restraining order for immediate protection
  • Secure a permanent restraining order for up to 5 years
  • File for divorce and fight for fair divorce agreements relating to children and property
  • Secure temporary alimony or child support to enable you to live apart from your ex spouse
  • Petition for child custody and/or block the abuser from inappropriate visitation

What If I’m Being Accused of Spousal Abuse?

Sadly, over the course of his many years working as a family law attorney, Torrence L. Howell has seen numerous cases of a spouse exaggerating or even fabricating claims of abuse in order to gain an advantage over their ex in a divorce or custody battle. If this is happening to you, Torrence L. Howell can help. He will fight tenaciously to protect your rights under the law and ensure false allegations do not have an unfair impact on your future. He can even serve as your spousal abuse defense attorney if criminal charges have been filed.

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