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4 Things to Avoid Before Divorce

Avoid these 4 common mistakes to protect your position in a divorce.

4 Things to Avoid Before DivorceContested divorces have the potential to become quite bitter, especially in cases where one spouse may not want the divorce. All too often, one or more of the parties will try to gain an advantage for themselves by coming up with what they think is a brilliant plan for gaming the system or intimidating their spouse. However, taking such action can backfire, with potentially serious consequences. Learn about 4 common mistakes often made during the divorce process and why you should avoid them.

Hiding Income from the Courts

One common error divorcing spouses make is to try to hide assets or income from one another in an attempt to influence their property division or support agreements. However, very few individuals have the knowledge or ability to hide assets and income effectively. Simply leaving them off the disclosure list will not work. The deception ends up being uncovered by the other spouse’s attorney and/or forensic accountant, and contempt of court could apply.

Quitting Your Job

Sometimes people get the idea into their heads that they should quit their job (or deliberately get fired) in order to avoid having to pay a high amount of alimony or child support. This is another mistake you want to avoid. If your ex can prove that you have the ability and opportunity to work at the same level of compensation you had previously, you will not escape your support obligations. This strategy can’t be used by a low-earning spouse to secure more support either.

Being Hateful on Social Media

When emotions run high during a divorce, it can be very tempting to vent on social media. However, you need to be very careful about what you say and how you say it. Worst case scenario, making threats that reasonably cause your ex to fear for their safety could expose you to criminal penalties. Even if no criminal charges are brought, you risk having your angry or hateful statements used against you in a custody battle.

Domestic Violence

Sadly, in some cases spouses resort to emotional or even physical abuse in an attempt to intimidate or frighten their ex into agreeing with their terms for the divorce. This is a huge mistake, as a history of domestic violence would almost certainly affect the outcome of your case if your spouse decided to pursue litigation. You might lose custody of your kids as well as the right to receive alimony from the abused spouse. Plus, you could face criminal prosecution.

Get Expert Advice Now

If you want to learn more about what you can do to protect your rights and interests in a divorce case, reach out to experienced divorce attorney Torrence L. Howell today.

How is My Business Property Handed in a Divorce?

Property rights are always a contentious issue in a divorce. If you have a family business, chances are you and/or your spouse have dedicated a lot of time, energy, and assets to it over the years. In the event of a divorce, everything you’ve worked so hard to build could be in jeopardy.

Different business property rights will apply depending on whether the business and its assets are considered communal or separate property. If the business is considered communal property, it might be split, and even if the business was started by one spouse before the marriage, never financed with communal funds, and is considered separate property, it could still be liquidated in order to pay an expensive divorce settlement. The best way to learn exactly what options may be available to you for handling your business property in a divorce is to set up a free consultation with Torrence L Howell. Torrence L Howell is a divorce attorney with a background in business, so he’s ideally suited to explain and defend your business property rights.

Meanwhile, here are three possible scenarios for what might happen to your business in a divorce.

Court-Ordered Buyout

If the business depends heavily on the hard work, knowledge, and skills of one spouse, a divorce court usually awards the rights to the business to that spouse. They will then be required to buy out the other spouse’s share. In order to ensure that a fair price is set for the buyout, a forensic accountant will be called upon to provide a valuation.

Business Asset Liquidation

Unfortunately, when most of a couple’s assets are tied up in a business, these assets may have to be liquidated in order to pay the divorce settlement or to keep up with alimony or child support obligations. A skilled divorce attorney can help you resist efforts to access business assets in a divorce and protect your business property rights.

Equal Ownership Rights

If both spouses want to continue being involved in the business, it is of course possible to give each spouse an equal ownership share. The business can continue to operate as normal, except instead of the proceeds going into a joint bank account they’ll be shared equally by the two divorced spouses. This type of agreement typically works best when the business was started after the marriage, when both spouses have traditionally participated equally in the running of the business, and when the divorce is amicable enough for a successful professional relationship to be possible.

Divorce Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA Offers a Free Consultation

Are you considering filing for divorce? Has your spouse served you with divorce papers? Are you unhappy with any of the support agreements stemming from a past divorce?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should visit the Law Offices of Torrence L Howell for a free consultation. During your free meeting with this skilled family law attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA, you’ll learn about your rights and privileges under the law and get expert advice about what your next steps should be in pursuing a fair resolution to your divorce-related issues.

Divorce Proceedings

Torrence L Howell has over 18 years of experience as a divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA, and he has the skills and expertise needed to successfully shepherd you through a divorce proceeding. He’ll help you with everything from checking that you’ve fulfilled your residency requirements for divorce in California to completing the actual divorce papers to figuring out which jurisdiction to file them in. He’ll also represent you at talks with your spouse’s lawyers and in court to make sure that you receive your fair share of marital assets as well as time with your kids.

Divorce Mediations

Even if you plan to settle your divorce outside of court using divorce mediation, you can still benefit from the advice of a divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Torrence L Howell can advise you on all the complex issues that will come up as a result of your divorce and make sure you understand your rights. For example, he can explain the rules about what qualifies as marital assets, which will prepare you to negotiate a fair division of assets and property during your mediation.

Modifications After Divorce

If you are already divorced, but find yourself unhappy with your alimony agreement, child support agreement, or child custody agreement, Torrence L Howell may be able to help. He can advise you as to whether or not a judge would be likely to approve a modification to your agreement based on your current personal and financial circumstances. For example, if you were ordered to pay lots of child support at the time of your divorce, but your ex-spouse has since remarried someone with a high income, you may be able to petition to have your child support payments reduced. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your agreements are written in stone! With the help of a family law attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA, you have a chance to modify unfair agreements to reflect your current circumstances.

Quality Divorce Attorney in Pomona CA Since 1995

Divorce AttorneyTorrence L Howell has the experience, expertise, and attitude you need to get through a divorce Pomona CA with your rights intact and your interests protected. He can not only advise you regarding your legal rights and responsibilities, but also provide a calm, professional presence to get you through an emotionally tempestuous period in your life. Torrence L Howell has been handling divorce cases since 1995, and you can rely on him to provide expert representation and advice concerning all the issues related to divorce, including property division, child custody and support, family business division, and other topics in family law Pomona CA.

Property Division

Even though California is a community property state, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a divorce in Pomona CA has to result in a 50-50 split of marital assets. Torrence L Howell can review your case and make sure that the assets get divided fairly. He’ll stand up to your spouse’s lawyers and help you protect assets purchased with non-community income like an inheritance. He can also help you untangle your finances in cases where assets like a house or a car were purchased with mingled assets and ensure you are compensated fairly should your spouse get to keep those physical assets.

Child Custody and Support

Torrence L Howell is committed to helping you protect your rights to see your children and to ensure that they have adequate financial support. He can help fight for appropriate child custody and visitation agreements during your divorce Pomona CA. He can also use his expertise in family law Pomona CA later on down the line, to help you petition for modifications to these agreements as your life circumstances change.

Divorce and Family Businesses

In entrepreneurial families, both spouses may feel like they have worked hard to develop the business and have a vested interest in its future. Torrence L Howell has a special expertise in the intersection of business law and family law Pomona CA, and he can help make sure that your divorce proceeding doesn’t destroy your family business. He can help you draft agreements that will ensure that each spouse gets a fair stake in the business, or, if ongoing involvement is not desired, he can work hard to find a solution that will allow for the disinterested party to receive compensation for their share of the business without liquidating assets or crippling the business.

California Child Support Calculator: FAQs Answered by Your Attorney Chino Hills CA

Child Custody ModificationsWhen parents live apart, determining how much each parent should contribute to the care and support of their children can be difficult. Naturally all parties want to make sure that the children have everything they need, but parents may disagree as to how much they should pay or receive in child support. That’s where the state can step in and mandate child support. Your attorney Chino Hills CA can help you understand this legal process. Check out these FAQs on the California Child Support Calculator to get started.

What is the California Child Support Calculator?

The California Child Support Calculator is a mathematical formula designed to help ensure that child support requirements are fair. The Calculator provides a baseline estimate of the appropriate amount of child support required in your case, based on factors like your income and whether or not you are a custodial parent.

What does the Child Support Calculator consider income?

Just about any money you have coming in from any source can be considered income for the purposes of the California Child Support Calculation. For example, gross wages, commissions, trust income, annuities, pensions, dividends, worker’s comp, unemployment, Social Security, and insurance benefits would all be considered income. At the judge’s discretion, the value of any perks you receive as part of your job, like a company car or phone, can be added to your income as well.

Can I deduct my expenses from my income?

The only expenses that the Child Support Calculator automatically deducts are your property and income taxes. Your car payment, rent, mortgage payment, and other necessary living expenses are not automatically considered. However, special deductions do exist, and you may be able to take advantage of them with help from an attorney Chino Hills CA.

Do I have to hire an attorney Chino Hills CA to use the Calculator?

No. You can utilize the Calculator on your own or with the assistance of a family law facilitator who works for the superior court in your county. However, hiring an attorney normally provides a higher level of personalized service and attention and enables you to secure all the deductions you are eligible for.

Am I guaranteed to receive/pay the amount specified by the Calculator?

The California Child Support Calculator only provides an estimate of the child support required in your case. The final decision will be made by the judge ruling in your child support case.

I don’t think the result of the Calculator is fair. What can I do?

You can petition for child support modifications if you believe that the unique circumstances of your case merit a deviation from the California Child Support Guidelines. For example, you can ask for a modification if you can prove that your child needs extra financial support or that the parent receiving the support has too much other income. To learn more about child support modifications, consult with an attorney Chino Hills CA.

The Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell Specializes In All Matters of Family Law in Upland CA

At the law offices of Torrence L Howell, we can provide expert counsel and representation for just about any issue you may encounter related to family law in Upland CA. We’ve seen it all before, so matter how strange and dysfunctional you think your family situation is, we won’t be shocked. Instead, we will help you move forward in a calm and professional manner. With our help, you can use the protections of the law to make sure that you and your kids are taken care of properly as you work through your family issues. Here’s a sampling of the types of family law cases we handle.

Divorce Cases: We can make sure that your interests are protected during your contested or uncontested divorce proceedings. Our services include filing the actual divorce papers on your behalf, as well as assisting with child support agreements, child custody agreements, spousal support agreements, restraining orders, and equitable division of marital assets as needed.

Child Custody Cases: We can help parents draft custody agreements that always keep the child’s best interests top of mind. If you’re dealing with an unfit parent, we can help you secure sole custody and arrange for supervised visitation rights if appropriate. If you were previously deemed unfit, we can help you prove that you’ve cleaned up your act and convince a judge to grant you increased visitation rights.

Child Support and Alimony Cases: After divorce, a spouse who was not working may find themselves without the ability to support themselves or their kids. The law offices of Torrence L Howell can help families arrive at agreements that are fair to all parties and adequately provide for the care and support of any children. We can help with permanent, transitional, rehabilitative, or temporary alimony, as well as with child support agreements and child support modifications.

Domestic Violence Cases: Over our many years practicing family law in Upland CA, we’ve seen both sides of domestic violence cases. We can help abused spouses get the restraining orders and other protections they need, but we can also help expose false accusations of abuse to ensure that no one’s rights are trampled by being unfairly saddled with a reputation as an abuser.

Property Rights: California is a community property state, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all assets should be split 50-50 during a divorce. As experts in family law in Upland CA, we can help you figure out which assets rightfully belong to which spouse and ensure a fair division of marital property under state law.

Are You Looking For An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?

If you are in the market for a divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA, look no further than the law offices of Torrence L Howell. Torrence L Howell is an expert family law attorney with over 13 years of experience in both contested and uncontested divorce proceedings. He can help you navigate the complexities of your unique divorce case and make sure that your interests are represented fairly, your marital assets are split equitably, and your children are provided for properly.

Calm Guidance in an Emotional Period

Emotions can run high during divorce cases, and sometimes it’s tempting for clients to make snap decisions based on their feelings of anger and disappointment. As an experienced divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA, Torrence L Howell knows how to keep a level head during divorce proceedings. He can help you to communicate in a civil manner with your ex-spouse, so that you can work together one last time to determine your separate futures. Torrence L Howell won’t let you throw away assets that are rightfully yours in an effort to just get the divorce over with as quickly as possible. Instead, he will help you fight for what is yours under the law.

Assistance with Special Issues

Some divorces are more complicated than others. Fortunately, Torrence L Howell can help with all kinds of special issues related to divorce, including immigration, same-sex marriage, domestic abuse and restraining orders, and business ownership. As a divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA with an MBA, Torrence L Howell is a particularly good choice for divorces involving the division of business assets. He can help you get an accurate valuation for your business and hopefully avoid closing the business in order to pay the divorce settlement.

Keeping the Kids in Mind

Sometimes parents get so caught up in the bitterness of divorce that they try to use child custody arrangements and child support agreements to punish one other. They forget that these agreements are designed to help their kids first and foremost. If your spouse is trying to unfairly deny you access to your kids by petitioning for sole custody or denying you visitation rights, Torrence L Howell can help. As long as you are a fit parent and do not pose any danger to your kids, you should be allowed to continue your relationship with them.

We invite you to call the law offices of Torrence L Howell today to find out more about how we can represent your interests in your divorce proceedings.

Is Your Business Set Up to Withstand the Complications of Divorce or Dissolution?

If you own your own business, it is crucial that you take steps now to protect your business from the complications that can arise during a divorce or dissolution. Your business is your livelihood, and the last thing you want is to lose your spouse and your business all at once because you are forced to liquidate your business assets in order to pay the divorce settlement or spousal support. Here are some tips to help you protect your business.

Understand Community Property Issues

California is a community property state, meaning that everything purchased or acquired during the course of the marriage (with the exception of gifts, inheritances, and rental incomes or profits from separate property) belongs to both partners equally. If you and your spouse start a business together, you will each have 50 percent ownership in the business and a right to 50 percent of the assets/business value should you divorce.
If you already had a business before you married, that business is considered your separate property. While the wages, pensions, or stock options earned from that business would be considered community property, the business assets themselves should be considered separate property. If you do not want your spouse to have any equity in a business you started before you were married, it is crucial that you not put any community money into that business. If you do allow your spouse to contribute to the business, say with funds received as an inheritance, you will need the assistance of a skilled attorney to untangle all the threads and figure out how much equity each spouse is entitled to.

Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Many complications can be avoided if you and your spouse have the foresight to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married. The agreement can specify exactly how your business assets and debts will be divided in case of divorce. Prenups are most often used to cover property that has been acquired before the marriage, but they can also contain stipulations as to how future property will be treated.

Try a Postnuptial Agreement

If you’re already married, you can use a postnuptial agreement to accomplish the same things as a prenuptial agreement. However, judges tend to be suspicious of postnups and your spouse may be able to get a postnup overturned.

Get an Accurate Business Valuation

If your business is community property, getting an accurate valuation of that business is very important. This ensures that each spouse gets a fair deal should one spouse decide to buy out the other in order to obtain sole control of the business. A forensic accountant and an attorney familiar with business valuations will prove to be invaluable partners in this process.
Is Your Business Set Up to Withstand the Complications of Divorce or Dissolution?

Your Divorce Attorney Ontario CA Can Help With Special Needs

Even though divorce is getting more and more common these days, the issues surrounding divorce are as complicated as ever. This is especially true if you have any special circumstances surrounding your marriage or your divorce, such as immigration issues, military service, domestic abuse, or a same sex partnership. As an experienced divorce attorney Ontario CA, Torrence L Howell can assist with all of these special divorce circumstances.

Immigration Issues

If you or your spouse have recently immigrated to the United States and been granted conditional residency based on your marriage, you should definitely consult a divorce attorney Ontario CA before taking any steps to dissolve your marriage. Getting a divorce could result in the conditional residency being revoked. If you have been married for more than two years, the immigrant spouse is eligible to petition for permanent residency. Once this is achieved the divorce can normally go forward without any effect on immigration or naturalization status.

Military Service

If your spouse is currently serving in the military, you may not be able to divorce them immediately. The Service Members Civil Relief Act protects active duty military personnel from having judgments entered against them in civil courts while they are overseas and for 60 days afterwards. In the case of a divorce, the difficulties are compounded because the active duty military spouse must be served with papers by military authorities in order for the California state court to have jurisdiction.

Domestic Abuse

In cases where domestic abuse is involved, you will definitely need an attorney. It is not wise to attempt to handle the proceedings on your own, because you need the protection of a restraining order. An attorney can help you get this legal protection as quickly as possible, to prevent retaliation from the abusive spouse during the divorce process.

Same Sex Partnerships and Marriages

Divorces or dissolutions involving same sex couples can be extremely complicated, in part because of the many discrepancies between state and federal laws, especially tax laws. Unless you fall into the relatively small group of couples who are still eligible to end domestic partnerships with a simple form instead of a court proceeding, you will almost certainly want to secure the advice of a skilled divorce attorney Ontario CA to help you sort through all the complicated issues surrounding your communal property, your taxes, your federal benefits, and your custody rights.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga CA: What to Expect

Hiring a family law attorney Rancho Cucamonga CA can be an upsetting or intimidating proposition for some people. You might feel like hiring an attorney means you’ve failed as an individual, because you couldn’t handle your family problems on your own. Or you might be intimidated by the fact that you’ll be expected to share private details about your family life with a stranger. However, when you take a moment to step back from the experience and prepare yourself for it, you’ll see that a family law attorney is only there to help. They want to represent your best interests, and you have to trust that.

Here are some helpful hints about what to expect when hiring a family law attorney Rancho Cucamonga CA.

No Judgment

You know that saying, “be grateful; there’s always someone worse off than you”? Well, a similar saying applies to family law cases. No matter how strange or dysfunctional you think your family situation is, there’s bound to be something even stranger out there. And chances are, an experienced family law attorney has seen it already.

So you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your situation when approaching a family law attorney for the first time. They have seen it all before, and they’re not about to judge you. Instead, they will help you make the best of your situation and secure all the rights and protections that are yours under the law.

Personalized Attention

When hiring a family law attorney, you can expect to receive personalized attention and legal solutions tailored to your family’s unique needs.

For example, the state of California has some standard metrics that it uses to calculate child support obligations. However, unique factors in your individual case may require adjustments to these standard calculations. You might need extra child support to pay for special school tuition or medical expenses for your child. Your family law attorney can tailor your child support petition to make sure that you get everything you need for your child.

If your family law attorney seems to be trying to provide one-size-fits-all legal solutions or is unwilling to listen to your concerns, get a different lawyer! Try to find one that is dedicated to returning your calls personally the very same day, so you know there will always be open channels of communication.


Your family law attorney Rancho Cucamonga CA should also help you understand all your options. For example, there is more than one way to end a marriage, and your attorney can help you determine which is best for your family and your finances.

When consulting with a family law attorney for the first time, pay careful attention to their approach and attitude. As long as they are non-judgmental, willing to provide personalized attention, and knowledgeable about the legal options available to you, you will probably enjoy a successful attorney-client relationship.


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