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Key Questions to Consider About Parenting Following a Divorce

Key Questions to Consider About Parenting Following a DivorceGoing through a divorce is often hard on everyone involved, including children. If you’re getting a divorce and have children, make sure you ask yourself and discuss with your ex-spouse these key questions. This is just a sampling to get the ball rolling—other issues will surely come to mind as divorce proceedings continue.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell has over 13 years of experience helping Southern Californian families deal with divorce and reach harmonious outcomes for all parties, so he’d be happy to discuss your particular case anytime. Just call (909) 920-0908 to set up a free consultation.

First start with the physical presence of the children in the homes. Will one parent take sole custody and make all the decisions, or will there be joint decision-making and residence primarily with one parent? Alternatively, will the child live with each parent equal amounts of time, and will all decision making be done with both parents’ mutual consent? Which decisions will need to be made by both parents, and which ones can be left to one or the other parent’s discretion?

What about special times of year? Who will take care of the child during holidays, long weekends, school recesses, and summer vacations? Will birthdays be celebrated at one parent’s home, or the other? Will both parents be able to call their child anytime when he or she is at the other parent’s home? Will each parent be able to take the child out of the country for a vacation or permanent relocation?

How about access to medical and dental records? Will that be restricted to one parent, or both? Will both parents be in touch with the child’s school about grades and other matters, or just one? Will both parents need to be notified in case of illnesses and accidents?

In terms of the financial concerns, who will pay child support, and what amount? Who will pay extra expenses such as college or private school tuition, childcare costs, summer camp, and extracurricular activities expenses?

Parents often don’t realize how divisive these issues can be until they’re in the throws of divorce proceedings. Attorney Torrence L. Howell has helped hundreds of couples through these rather sticky issues, and eventually a settlement is always reached. Call (909) 920-0908 for a free consultation today.


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