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4 Factors that Make Divorce in California More Likely

4 Factors that Make Divorce in California More Likely

As you’ve heard it said many times before, approximately half of all married couples end up divorcing – whether it be within the first few years or even decades down the line. This doesn’t mean each individual couple necessarily has a 50-50 chance of either staying together or divorcing, however. After all, every couple is different, and some are more or less prone to divorcing right from the get-go.

One thing is certain, though: the following issues are signs that you and your spouse might be more likely to engage in a California divorce soon.

  1. Financial Problems
  2. To your surprise, financial issues are the top reason for divorce in the state of California. Not only do financial problems (i.e., low income, high debt, etc.) cause stress which can indirectly trigger fighting among couples from the stress alone, but financial incompatibility among couples is another reason for a potential divorce. Financial incompatibility in a marriage might involve…

    • having frequent arguments about one of the spouses spending too much money.
    • disagreeing as to where to put money (e.g., towards retirement or towards a new car).
    • anger towards one of the spouses who’s refusing to contribute money to the household.
    • one of the spouses wanting to invest a decent portion their money but the other spouse not being okay with taking investment risks.
    • hiding of money or lying about money in the marriage in attempt to avoid disagreements.
  3. Consistent Disagreements or Arguing
  4. Regular arguments about anything, no matter how minor or major, have the potential to slowly but surely damage a marriage and the happiness it once contained. Disagreements can be about anything from not being able to compromise on what city or state to live in, to not seeing eye-to-eye regarding how many children to have (if any), to being unhappy with the fact that your spouse isn’t cleaning around the house.

  5. Domestic Abuse
  6. Sometimes arguing can lead to full-blown abuse in the form of physical attacks, name-calling, or verbal put-downs. Other times, abuse occurs even if the couple normally gets along no problem. Either way, domestic abuse is not something that’s normal in a marriage – nor is it something that a spouse should be willing to simply “put up with.” Ultimately, this abuse can be the last nail on a coffin prior to a divorce.

  7. Infidelity
  8. Emotional and physical affairs are things that are difficult for couples to overcome. Therefore, divorce usually is the result of such, especially if the affair occurred for a long period of time or if there were multiple, recurring affairs. Affairs can cause feelings of betrayal, jealousy, anger, sadness, and distrust. These difficult emotions can make it nearly impossible for some couples to repair their relationship and move forward.

For any California couple going through a rough patch, we always recommend seeking marriage counseling to potentially help resolve the issue(s) at hand if you wholeheartedly believe the marriage can and should be saved. However, in the event that you feel endangered (e.g., abuse or violence), it’s best to reach out to local police officers for quick assistance and protection.

If you’re thinking about or certain about following through with a divorce in California, reach out to Attorney Torrence L. Howell for help. Contact him for a consultation at (909) 920-0908.


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