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4 Signs it Might Be Time for a Divorce in Etiwanda CA

4 Signs it Might Be Time for a Divorce in Etiwanda CA

Nobody wants anyone else to tell them who to marry or what to do in their relationship. After all, a relationship is between two people. However, there might come a time where advice from others becomes critical, if not, life-altering.

While Family Law attorney, Torrence L. Howell, isn’t a marriage counsellor or a psychologist, he has helped hundreds of California residents finalize their divorce. That being said, he’s familiar with the signs that a couple is ready to, or should, divorce. Speaking of which, here are some of those signs:

  1. You Want Two Totally Different Things
  2. They say opposites attract and, often, they do. However, there is such a thing as being too different or wanting completely different things. For instance, maybe one spouse has plans to move to another country or join a career path that isn’t something the other spouse would be content with. Or, sometimes one spouse wants kids, and the other doesn’t, and vice versa.

    In the latter instances where compromises cannot happily be made, sometimes it truly is better to separate so that bought spouses can live their lives the way they wish without the other spouse holding them back.

  3. There’s Infidelity Involved
  4. While many married couples are able to overcome infidelity and become stronger as a result of it, some spouses may have a zero-tolerance policy for such, even if it was just a one-time mistake. Other times, they might give their spouse a second or third chance, only for those chances to be blown. They might try marriage counseling, only for it to not work as intended. The infidelity, or at least temptation, might continue.

    In an event like this, divorce might be the better or preferred option. It’s genuinely a personal decision and one that a spouse feels strongly about.

  5. Your Children are at Risk
  6. Is your spouse dangerous? For instance, do they heavily drink, do drugs, or have horrible parenting skills? Do they neglect your children, or do they parent completely differently than you do? If children are under the same roof as you and your spouse, this might be a dangerous situation that might necessitate divorce or legal separation. Your kids come first, always.

  7. There’s Physical or Emotional Abuse
  8. Whenever there’s abuse involved, you should always leave. Even if it starts out “mild” and only occurs from time to time, your life could greatly be at risk (and your children’s as well if you have any). First, contact the police. Then, get in touch with a Family Law attorney for divorce assistance.

If you’re wanting a divorce in Etiwanda, CA, contact Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908.


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