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Are You Paying a Fair Amount of Alimony in Ontario CA?

Are You Paying a Fair Amount of Alimony in Ontario CA?

Alimony is designed so that the spouse who brings home less income or has greater expenses (i.e., higher rent or mortgage, primary caregiver of children, etc.) doesn’t financially suffer following a legal divorce. The spouse who is financially better off, then, would be making regular monthly payments to their ex-spouse if alimony is granted to them. These payments can be very short term just to help the person get back on their feet after a divorce, or they can be long-term or even permanent depending on many circumstances.

While alimony seems very fair in many cases, it is possible that a person could be paying too much or even too little alimony to their ex. In this case, the alimony agreement needs to be reconsidered.

Alimony Doesn’t Just Benefit the Receiver but Should Also Benefit the Payer

What many people fail to understand is that the court is not only concerned with making sure the receiver of alimony is taken care of financially but that the person paying the alimony doesn’t significantly suffer because of it. Alimony is designed to be fair and convenient (though, not necessarily perfect for both parties at all times). However, when alimony payments are too high, the payer suffers. If alimony payments are too low, the receiver suffers. Clearly, something needs to be done.

So, it makes perfect, reasonable sense why courts allow people to ask for alimony payments to be adjusted. If the payer, for instance, loses their job or gets demoted, it would make sense for the court to consider lowering what they owe their ex-spouse, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the ex too much. Or, if the receiver of the alimony payments loses their job, then it would make more sense to get their payments increased if the court decides that their ex-spouse can afford to make higher payments each month.

Get Your Monthly Alimony Payments Reevaluated with a Family Law Attorney in Ontario CA

If you’re uncertain whether or not you’re paying the right amount of alimony to your ex-spouse, it’s time to speak with a Family Law attorney now. They can help you navigate the complexities of alimony and even assist you in reducing your payments if you feel it is in everyone’s best interest.

Contact Torrence L. Howell today to speak with him about alimony in California. He’d also love to evaluate your case for free to see if he can potentially represent you in court.


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