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Being Harassed by a Spouse in Alta Loma CA? Seek Legal Assistance Now

Being Harassed by a Spouse in Alta Loma CA? Seek Legal Assistance Now

Harassment is one of those words that some people take out of context, use in a joking manner, or even use incorrectly. Someone might use the word “harassing” in place of “pestering” or “annoying,” but in the end, harassment is a real thing and one that people shouldn’t take so lightly as thousands of people get genuinely harassed on a year to year basis, leading the victim to face some horrible situations that no person should ever have to be in.

What is Harassment?

Harassment can involve different things. However, in the end, it is unwanted by the victim, and it is unlawful in the state of California.

Harassment might include verbal personal insults, racial slurs, mocking how someone talks, using gestures as a threat (e.g., making a cut throat gesture at another person), making unwelcome sexual remarks, making cruel comments based on someone’s religion or body type, mimicking someone’s disability, the list goes on. Harassment can be very serious and may lead to a physical attack, or it may be something that occurs on occasion and mentally and emotionally affects the victim.

Know that anyone can be harassed, and anyone can induce harassment upon another person. Yes – even your own spouse or ex-spouse can harass you, and regardless of the affiliation or relationship to you, the harassment is a crime and one that can be criminally punished.

Fight Against Spousal Harassment in Alta Loma CA

Is your spouse, ex-spouse, or soon-to-be ex-spouse harassing you? There are legal solutions for what you’re dealing with. Your harasser could get punished under the criminal justice system, and if necessary, you can request to obtain a temporary or permanent restraining order depending on the nature and seriousness of the harassment.

The best way to get help for spousal harassment is to get in contact with Attorney Torrence L. Howell. Howell can help you fight many different types and intensities of spousal harassment in Alta Loma, CA. He can also assist you in getting a restraining order if you feel you need one to remain safe from your harasser. This lawyer has experience working with both minor as well as major, complicated cases of harassment and would be delighted to take on your case if it falls under his line of work.

Get a free consultation in Southern California as soon as today. Call (909) 920-0908 to get in touch with Torrence L. Howell’s legal office.


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