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Did You Know that Putting Off Divorce in California Can Do More Harm Than Good?

Did You Know that Putting Off Divorce in California Can Do More Harm Than Good?It’s understandable why a couple would wish to legally separate first prior to getting a divorce. Divorce is a big decision and one that many don’t wish to ever have to follow through with, especially considering the costs, time, and stress associated with this major event. Not to mention, a big reason many people wish to separate first before considering divorce is to see if the relationship can be mended so that hopefully divorce doesn’t actually have to happen. For many couples, this does work, and that’s absolutely fantastic.

But if you’re having cold feet about going through the divorce whether it be worries about money, child custody, or what have you, and you don’t see the potential for your relationship to return to normal, we’re here to tell you that divorce might actually be your best option.

The Harms of a Long Separation

You’re separated, as the name implies, during a legal separation. However, you’re still technically married and, thus, share assets. Being separated, your husband or wife could be controlling your shared martial assets quite differently and in a manner that you might not be too thrilled with – and you could still be liable. Or, your spouse could even be hiding assets. This lack of control on your part could be detrimental.

What is more, if your spouse moves to another state or country during the separation, it’s possible they could be doing so to get better alimony benefits (or just so happen to end up in this situation). And, yes, paying better alimony to your spouse could come to bite you in the butt and leave you with worse finances than ever before. Not to mention, the longer you’re separated, the more time there is for alimony laws to change in your very own state, which may or may not grant the alimony-seeking party greater advantages.

And if you’re still financially dependent on your spouse, it can be quite scary being legally separated and trusting that your spouse will stick to their word. They could ghost you or simply stop giving you money when you could be better off divorced and receiving guaranteed alimony.

So, if you’re worried about things like paying alimony, having the title of “divorcee,” or whatever it might be, it turns out that divorce might really be the smoother option.

Cut to the Chase – Start the Divorce Process Now

Not every couple is meant for separation. For others, separation is meant to be a short-term thing to test the waters or help make the shift towards divorce easier. However, if you’ve been legally separated for quite some time, you’re better off proceeding with the divorce.

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