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Did Your Spouse Have an Affair in Upland CA? Here’s What’s Next

Did Your Spouse Have an Affair in Upland CA? Here's What's Next

One of the worst things a spouse can do in a relationship is go behind your back and do the unthinkable – the thing you never thought nor expected them to ever do: cheat on you. Being unfaithful is wrong in many people’s eyes for a plethora of reasons. For once, it’s the ultimate form of betrayal. You were lied to. They were fake to your face while doing what they did in secret. It seemed like they didn’t even care how you feel; selfish is what most people would call it.

Some couples are able to successfully overcome an affair and become stronger. Others, well, not so much. While there’s always a possibility that things can mend and be great again, not everyone wants to remain in a relationship after an event such as an affair has occurred. In the latter case, if you are married and/or have children with the individual you are wishing to no longer be associated with on a romantic level, it’s best to seek legal assistance.

Legal Help After an Affair

What some couples choose to do during or after an affair is legally separate. During separation, they might seek marriage counseling in hopes to eventually repair their marriage and become one again. However, divorce may proceed within the weeks or months after separating.

Other times, one of the spouses might want to jump straight towards the process of divorce. This is a completely personal decision, but for some couples, it might be the best answer after an affair has happened.

And in the case of children, a spouse might wish to take full custody post-affair. This is especially true if the couple is looking to break up, separate, or even divorce. Either way, the child support agreement can always be modified in case the couple decides to get back together later down the line.

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Do you know what the next step is for you and your partner? You might have a good idea, or you might even be clueless at this point.

Either way, have a talking to with Attorney Torrence L. Howell in Upland, CA to learn more about legal separation, divorce, and/or child custody. He can fill you in with your legal options and walk you through the process a bit, so you can decide for yourself what might be best for you.

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