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Divorcing When Domestic Violence is Involved in Glendora CA

Divorcing When Domestic Violence is Involved in Glendora CA

There are different reasons for a divorce. Money problems, incompatibility, differences in life goals, one person wanting kids while the other doesn’t… The list goes on.

For some folks, they might be considering a divorce because they have found themselves in a domestically violent situation. Other times, the domestic violence might arise as a result of threatening divorce. Either way, domestic violence and divorce are two very complicated and highly emotional situations that should be resolved in the quickest and best manners possible. Neither of these situations are easy to be in, but put them together at the same time, and it’s easily twice as difficult.

Your Safety is of Upmost Importance

Any spouse who is a victim of domestic violence prior to or during a divorce should know that their safety always comes first. This means getting police involved if you believe you are in immediate danger due to your spouse. For some people, this may also mean calling domestic abuse hotlines or getting in contact with a domestic abuse shelter for a safe place to stay. There are also counselors and therapists out there who specifically help those who have or are currently going through a domestic violence situation who need help navigating their situation.

After your initial safety is met, it’s critical to consider the legality of the situation you are in. Go to court to achieve a temporary or permanent restraining order from your spouse. And, in addition, you might wish to take your ex to court to sue them for domestic violence, whether to recuperate finances to cover medical bills, emotional damages, or what have you. Fight for what is right.

Hire a Qualified Domestic Violence & Divorce Attorney in Glendora CA Now

When you’re both a victim of domestic violence and in the process of getting a divorce, it’s critical that the attorney you hire specializes in both domestic violence and divorce for the best results possible. Torrence L. Howell does, in fact, specialize in both and has been working with cases involving the two for many years. He understands the unique complications that a divorce with domestic violence might involve. His primary goal is to keep his clients safe and feeling both strong and confident as they fight to end their marriage as safely as possible.

Call Torrence L. Howell today at (909) 920-0908 to get a safe divorce from an abusive spouse in or near Glendora, CA.


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