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Everything You Need to Know About Domestic Mental Abuse in Claremont CA

Everything You Need to Know About Domestic Mental Abuse in Claremont CA

When people talk about domestic abuse, they tend to think of something that’s violent – something physical that leaves visible wounds. In reality, any domestic abuse expert would know that abuse does not have to be physical; it doesn’t even have to be capable of being seen with the naked eye. Abuse can be totally and completely violence-free.

Perhaps one of the most little talked about forms of domestic abuse is mental abuse. Through this form of abuse, the victimizer harms the victim on a mental level rather than on a physical level. Regardless of the fact that it’s not physical, mental abuse coming from a domestic partner can be highly damaging.

Learn more about domestic mental abuse below.

It Doesn’t Need to be Physical to Be Illegal

Everyone knows domestic violence on a physical level is illegal and that the victimizer can most definitely be sent to jail for committing such a crime. But what about mental abuse?

Yes, even the mental abuse of one’s spouse can be illegal. In fact, the victim may be able to sue their spouse for mental/psychological/emotional abuse.

Since mental abuse can result in serious anxiety spells, depression, low self-esteem, forced isolation from loved ones, and so on, it’s clear that the damages can be quite serious. That said, this form of abuse is definitely worth addressing with a Family Law attorney for legal help.

Domestic Mental Abuse Can Escalate Quickly into Something More

Victims want to believe that they’re mentally strong enough to put up with serious mental abuse. In reality, mental abuse can be a major red flag. Often, physical abuse starts mentally before escalating to minor acts of violence, and eventually, more serious physical acts of abuse.

Never assume that mental abuse – or abuse at all for that matter – remains consistent. Often times, it gets more frequent and becomes worse over the course of time.

A Qualified Attorney Can Help You Navigate Your Domestic Mental Abuse Case

Don’t let your abuser continue to victimize you. Not a single soul on this planet deserves to be taunted, constantly criticized, name-called, guilt-tripped, threatened, or intimidated by someone that’s supposed to “love” them. Don’t let your victimizer’s acts of love prevent you from seeking help for the abuse that they’re continuously causing you.

Reach out to police and/or Attorney Torrence L. Howell today to get your domestic mental abuse case resolved speedily.

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