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Ex Not Paying Child Support? Talk with a La Verne CA Lawyer Now

Ex Not Paying Child Support? Talk with a La Verne CA Lawyer Now

By California law, both parents are delegated the financial responsibility of caring for their child(ren) until they reach the age of 18. This stands true even if one of the parents isn’t living under the same roof as their child(ren) and/or the parents of the child(ren) are not in a relationship together.

However, there are situations where the non-custodial parent will refuse to, or will be financially unable to, make child support payments on time each month. But child custody payments are not optional, and for the parent holding custody of the child(ren), not receiving these payments can put them in a financial muddle and deprive their child(ren) from having the sufficient upbringing that they deserve.

What Happens if Your Ex Fails to Make Child Support Payments?

Say the father or mother of your child(ren) suddenly stopped making child support payments or even refused to pay from the start. There are legal options to get either situation resolved. Getting this fixed all starts with hiring a Child Support lawyer in La Verna, CA.

The right attorney can help you work quickly with the court to find a way to ensure you retrieve past-owed child support payments. Whether a special payment plan must be set up that your ex can financially keep up with or wages must be garnished from your ex to cover paid and/or upcoming payments, an attorney with experience working with child support cases can assist you in getting these solutions enforced.

Child support lawyers in La Verne can also work to get the non-child support paying parent’s federal income taxes intercepted, driver and/or professional license(s) suspended, passport restricted, and/or have liens placed on their bank accounts and real estate as forms of punishment.

Get in Touch with a Child Support Attorney in La Verne CA

If you a share a child with someone who is otherwise not actively involved your child’s life financially, you are obligated to receive child support payments as the custodial parent. However, if those payments are missing, it’s important to get this matter resolved.

Taking legal action against missing child support payments is not about “getting back at your ex.” Rather, it’s about ensuring you have the finances to care for your child(ren) and that your ex is paying their fair share as the legal parent of your shared child(ren). Even if the other parent isn’t involved in physically raising your offspring, legally, they still must play a role as a monetary contributor.

Call a skilled Child Support attorney in La Verne, CA at (909) 920-0908 if you’re owed child support from your ex.


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