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Get a Free Business Law Case Evaluation in Ontario CA

Get a Free Business Law Case Evaluation in Ontario CA

Owning a business, or even holding partial ownership of a company, is a major responsibility and a big stressor. Many things could go wrong simply with the financial aspects of your business, let alone, with everything else that has the potential to flop.

Sometimes, even legal issues may arise when it comes to your business. These aren’t things anyone anticipates, but they could and absolutely do happen. At that point, it’s best to speak with a Business Law attorney, such as Torrence L. Howell in Southern California, to see what you can do to resolve said legal issues.

What Business Cases Does Attorney Howell Accept?

Attorney Howell can work with a wide range of Business Law-related cases. This includes cases pertaining to business litigation, contract law, breach of contract, partnerships, lease agreements, change of structure and ownership, corporations and LLCs, and business disputes.

Any other Business Law matters that you’re interested in getting legal help for, it’s best to contact Mr. Howell to see if it’s something he can take on as well. With years of experience working with business-related cases, Howell has plenty of knowledge with business on a broadscale and the legal rights businesses have.

Why Resolve Business Legal Matters with an Attorney?

There are certain business issues that you as the business owner can handle on your own. This includes, but is not excluded to, creating a legal partnership agreement, hiring independent contractors, creating buy-sell agreements with partners, updating partnership agreements, and handling audits from the IRS.

However, there are many situations that could deem it a good time to get in touch with a busines attorney. For example, if a previous employee is suing your place of establishment, you wish to transfer the business to another owner, or you want a quicker and smoother process transitioning to a new business structure.

Even if it’s an issue you can likely resolve on your own, business problems that are dealt with, with the assistance of an attorney are more likely to be expedited and done correctly the first time. Not to mention, an attorney can assist you through any complications or deal with any confusions along the way.

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The best way to know if Howell’s law services will be a good fit for you would be to give him a call. If you live in the Ontario, CA area or within its other nearby cities, simply dial (909) 920-0908 for a free consultation.


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