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Get a Temporary Restraining Order from an Abusive Spouse in Corona CA

Get a Temporary Restraining Order from an Abusive Spouse in Corona CA

Nobody ever expects that when they get into a relationship, they will encounter abuse – whether sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial, or mental. Relationships are designed to be based off love and trust, not pain and heartbreak. So, when things go wrong within the relationship safety-wise, the victim may feel like nowhere is safe for them to run and hide.

The good news is, there are legal ways to ensure you stay as safe as possible while in the midst of, or even after, an abusive relationship. If the abuse crosses legal boundaries, or you feel like you and/or your children or pets are in immediate danger, the first step is to always call 911. Next, it’s critical to get in touch with a Family Law attorney to help you resolve this situation legally. Part of that legal resolution may involve the need for a temporary restraining order.

How Long Do Temporary Restraining Orders Last in California?

In the state of California, a temporary restraining order (TRO), as the name implies, is short term and usually lasts until the next court date, which is normally approximately 20 to 25 days away. A judge will only grant a TRO if he or she believes you do, in fact, need protection and that the person you’re getting a restraining order against is or could be potentially dangerous.

At some point, a judge may decide to turn a TRO into a permanent restraining order. However, please note that “permanent” restraining orders are not for life. If anything, they should be called “long-term restraining orders.” After a permanent restraining order expires, if you still feel the need to gain legal protection, you may attempt to get it extended.

Is it Easy to get a Temporary Restraining Order?

It’s relatively easy to get a TRO, but they aren’t just granted automatically after a request. A court will typically refuse to provide a temporary order unless there is some sort of proof or circumstance that deems it necessary for the person requesting it to get the safety they desire. Even if you do have proof, if the proof isn’t “enough” for the court, they may reject your request until further proof is provided.

Attorney Howell Can Help You Achieve Legal Safety from Your Abuser.

Although you don’t necessarily have to hire a Family Law attorney to help you get a temporary restraining order against your spouse who has inflicted abuse upon you, it’s especially great to have the help of an attorney when the situation is complex, there is little solid proof of the abuse to present, or if you feel uneasy representing alone. You can trust an experienced lawyer to confidently help you work towards a TRO.

Give Attorney Torrence L. Howell a dial at (909) 920-0908 to learn how he can help you get a temporary restraining order in Corona, CA.


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