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Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Walnut CA

Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Walnut CA

Domestic violence isn’t something anybody wants to be involved with from any point-of-view. It’s an incredibly scary situation that involves serious legal ramifications. Not to mention, it’s an unnecessary and unfair thing for the victim to have to go through, let alone, try to “accept.” As for the person on the other side of the situation, they’re likely not going to be thrilled about receiving jail time or whatever other consequences they must face. It’s never a good situation for either side in the end.

Although, it’s a completely different situation when someone is being accused of being a domestic abuser when they’re not. It’s awful to be thrown under the bus, especially when none of what you’re being accused of doing or being is true.

In a situation such as the latter, it’s recommended that you hire a defense attorney who specializes in domestic violence.

You Have a Right to Defend Yourself

Each and every one of us has the opportunity to defend ourselves when taken to court, whether we are guilty or not in the end. Our side of the story deserves to be told, and we have the right to discuss how the other party may be incorrect or how they might be fabricating things about us and what was said or done.

Especially in a situation like a false accusation of domestic violence, it’s critical to have a criminal defense attorney help defend you. If you did happen to be unrightfully found guilty, you’ll have wished you had someone who could have help fight to prove you innocent.

Let a Walnut CA Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Help

It’s not okay for anyone to wrongfully play the victim card, especially over something as serious as domestic abuse. Don’t let the fake victim win. Not only is it unfair for you to be facing consequences you don’t deserve, but it’s unfair that the “victim” is essentially being put up on a pedestal and getting their way when they deserve nothing but punishment for lying in the courtroom and playing around with such a serious topic, undermining real victims in the process.

If you’re in need of a domestic violence attorney in Walnut, CA who can help you fight a false accusation of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to call Attorney Torrence L. Howell. His phone number is (909) 920-0908 if you wish to receive a free consultation over the phone.


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