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Learn How to Prepare Yourself for the Divorce Process

Learn How to Prepare Yourself for the Divorce Process

It is rare to find a divorced person who would describe the process as easy. The truth is that terminating a marriage can be difficult financially, legally, and emotionally. The good news is that an experienced divorce attorney can help make the process as smooth as possible. Read on to learn some of the steps you can take to prepare yourself for the process of divorce and then contact Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908 to speak to a divorce attorney.

There is nothing as important as choosing the right divorce lawyer

There are many steps to take during the divorce process and none are likely to have the impact that choosing the right attorney will have. You need a family law attorney who can handle all aspects of your divorce, including spousal and child support and child custody, if applicable. You need an attorney you feel comfortable talking to, who will listen to you, and who is responsive to your needs.

Making financial preparations

It often comes down to one spouse simply packing a bag and leaving. While this may be a natural response to an emotional situation, it is not often the right choice unless there is abuse to get away from.

Remember that it takes six months – at a minimum – for a California divorce to finalize. Some of the financial steps you can take to get yourself ready to file for a divorce include:

  • Get copies of financial data including bank accounts, five years of tax returns, 401Ks, credit card statements, insurance policies, and appraisals of any valuable property.
  • Take pictures of valuable items you may leave behind.
  • Get all your important documents, including your social security card, passport, and birth certificate.
  • Make a list of all other assets such as retirement accounts, investments, intellectual property, frequent flyer miles, season tickets, and others.

Making emotional preparations

There are steps that can make the emotional impact bearable. First, write down what your goals are and what your priorities are in the divorce. This makes it easier to stay proactive and to react less. You will want to consider things like physical and legal custody of children / or pets, who gets the home, whether you can afford to stay in the home, what assets do you want the most, and what are the most sentimental assets?

It is also essential to have a good support system in place. This can include family and friends as well as a therapist. If you do not believe that anyone really understands what you are going through, consider going to a group meeting that supports people going through the process of divorce.

No matter the specifics of your situation, a divorce is possible. In fact, your spouse does not even need to agree to divorce you in the state of California – you can be granted a Dissolution of Marriage even if your spouse refuses to respond to the request. To get the process started, contact Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at (909) 920-0908.


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