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My Ex is Abusing Our Child. How Do I Get Full Custody in California?

My Ex is Abusing Our Child. How Do I Get Full Custody in California?

There are many different reasons why a parent might opt for full custody of a child. Perhaps they feel that they’re the better and more suitable parent for the child. Maybe one parent lives in another state or country, so the other parent might have decided it would be best to have the child live where they’re at instead. Maybe one of the parents isn’t too fond of the idea of raising a child on their own. One of the parents of the child might have gotten remarried, so living in a two-parent household might be the more financially, physically, and emotionally stable option for them. The list of reasons goes on and on.

Another semi-common reason why a parent might want to get full custody of their child is because the other parent is abusive towards the child or is generally an unsafe person to be around. This is a very good reason to want to ensure the other parent doesn’t have an ounce of custody left as the best interests are in the child. In a case like this, surely, you’d want to be the parent getting full custody and as soon as possible.

Obtaining Full Child Custody When Abuse is Involved

Whenever there’s abuse involved between two spouses or ex-spouses – or when there’s abuse inflicted upon the child by one of the parents – in serious cases, this may require the contact of law enforcement officers to handle the situation immediately. Even if the child isn’t directly involved in the abusive situation, they can still be greatly affected or may even be directly targeted in the near future.

If the abuse situation isn’t serious or direct enough to necessitate a call to the police, it’s still important to submit a request to obtain full custody with your local court and to let them know of the abuse, possible abuse, or prospective abuse that may occur in the future based on the mental health of the other parent. Letting a judge know about the situation at hand will be taken very seriously and likely help you obtain full custody quicker.

Lawyer Howell Can Help You Achieve Full Child Custody

An even quicker way to get full child custody, especially in a dire situation that may or may not involve child abuse or the potential for such, is to hire a Family Law attorney. Torrence L. Howell is one of the top Family Law attorneys in Southern California. Not only can he help you win custody quickly, but he can also help you obtain a restraining order if the other parent may be dangerous or make you feel unsafe, especially with your child around.

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