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Seeking Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA? Get an Attorney Now

Seeking Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA? Get an Attorney Now

Have you ever been hesitant to follow through with a divorce primarily because of how much your financial situation would change after divorcing your husband or wife? It’s a very common and understandable way of thinking.

You might feel this way because your spouse makes more than you – or even about the same as you do (after all, going from a shared income to half that income can be daunting). You might even be unemployed, laid-off, or a stay-at-home parent or spouse. Therefore, you might worry that you’ll no longer be able to make mortgage or rent payments on your own, let alone, still have plenty of money to keep food on the table, pay off credit card debt, and the like. And if there’s children in the picture, you bet that the expenses will be even higher, which means significantly more stress on you after a divorce.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as alimony or “spousal support.” Alimony is what keeps a person financially stable enough to continue living a decent life after getting a divorce.

Why Seek Temporary Alimony?

Temporary alimony might not be permanent (and it may or may not end up going that route in the future). However, it can be useful for many who are in the process of going through a divorce.

This short-term solution can help make the financial situation a bit easier for the spouse that might be suffering financially due to no longer sharing an income with their soon-to-be ex. Not to mention, getting a divorce can be expensive, so getting a little extra through temporary alimony might be what a person needs to be more financially secure during this difficult time.

That being said, alimony – whether temporary or permanent – can be a very good thing for those who are not in the most financially sound situation at present or who may not be while they’re getting a divorce.

File for Temporary Alimony in Fontana CA

Are you currently going through a divorce or about to go through a divorce? And do you or will you require extra financial security during such? Then you may require temporary alimony and may even qualify to receive such.

The best way to find out if temporary alimony will be granted to you is to get started today with a Family Law attorney. Torrence L. Howell, one of the best lawyers in Fontana, CA, is just a phone call away at (909) 920-0908.


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