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Shocking Divorce Statistics in the State of California

Shocking Divorce Statistics in the State of California

Divorce, no matter how often it occurs, will always be a touchy subject for many. It’s also something that is very common; yet, it’s something that is rarely ever easy for anyone to go through at any point in time. Regardless, many are interested in divorce: how often it happens, the most frequent reasons why it happens, and so on and so forth.

Below are some shocking but true divorce statistics in the state of California for your knowledge.

9.3% of Californians are Divorced

Over the entire United States, about 40% to 50% of marriages end in a divorce at one point in time or another. Normally, that divorce happens within the first eight years of marriage, and the more often one or both spouses have been married in the past, the more likely a divorce may result – and the sooner it may happen if it does.

In California in particular, the success of marriages is about the same as the national average, but something you may not know is that more than nine percent of California residents have faced at least one divorce. That’s a pretty large chunk of people, especially considering how populated this state is!

Most Couples in California Get Their First Divorce Around the Age of 30

Many may be surprised to know that Californian couples, if they do divorce, often do so when the spouses are around the age of 30. There’s no particular reason why this might be. However, because most couples first marry around their mid-twenties to their early-thirties, and many couples divorce within eight years or sooner if they do divorce at all, it’s not as much of a surprise that around the age of 30 is the time California couples get their first divorce.

After the Age of 50, Obtaining Alimony is Very Difficult

According to research, couples who divorce at or after the age of 50 tend to have more difficulty obtaining alimony. This might be due to several reasons. One of the main reasons, however, might be the fact that many couples divorcing at the age of 50 were often together for a long period of time, which often means that the couple shares more assets together and, not to mention, have more assets as individuals. That said, there may be several more assets to divide than if the couple were younger and/or wasn’t together as long. Not to mention, alimony may be harder to obtain if one or both of the spouses is retired or is seeking retirement soon, which is not uncommon after the age of 50. To top it off, at this age, if one is still working, they may be at the top of their career ladder, which may make it harder for this individual to seek alimony if their income is higher, and their career is stable.

Are you going through a divorce, wanting to make modifications to your divorce or child custody agreement, or wishing to seek alimony? Reach out to a Family Law attorney in Southern California.

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