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Threats of Violence Following a Breakup? Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in Corona CA Now

Threats of Violence Following a Breakup? Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in Corona CA Now

Sometimes breakups can be messy. Other times, they’re relatively easy to go through. Sadly, there are also scenarios where a breakup can be dangerous. For instance, a partner might threaten to end their own life if their lover leaves them. Other times, the threats are directly towards the breaker-upper in specific. The latter is clearly a very scary situation to go through, feeling like you’re forced to be permanently tied to someone you wish to no longer be with, otherwise potentially losing your life if you do – the only life you will ever have. It’s a terrible situation that nobody deserves to ever have to go through.

Never Tolerate Threats of Violence

The level of guilt and fear one receives after being threatened with violence during or after a breakup is intense. It’s a horrible feeling knowing that you’re essentially trapped no matter what you decide to do. Your partner wants total control over you and does not want you to leave and cannot emotionally fathom knowing that you might choose to be with someone else in the future. In their head, it’s either them, or you might end up hurt or even end up lifeless.

Luckily, there are professionals out there to help you in situations like these. Police officers, domestic violence hotlines, and even domestic violence attorneys can all provide aid before, during, and after a dangerous breakup. However, you must strategically plan how you will go about the breakup in order to remain safe and be able to get the physical and legal protections you need and deserve. So, it’s critical to speak with all the right authorities you can, right away.

Get Legal Protection from an Ex-Partner in Corona CA

Protection from your dangerous ex-partner is critical. When your life is potentially on the line, that’s not something to mess around with. Contacting police and getting yourself in a safe place is critical first. Secondly, it’s imperative to hire a domestic violence attorney in Southern California who can help further protect you on a legal level. Any protections you can get is critical.

Torrence L. Howell is a domestic violence attorney who has helped clients who have had been dealing with many different types and levels of domestic abuse. He has been successful in helping these folks get the legal protections, such as restraining orders, they needed to emotionally and physically feel safer after leaving their partner.

Don’t deal with a dangerous breakup all by yourself. Attorney Howell can be spoken to today. Call him at (909) 920-0908 to get a free consultation for your specific case.


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