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Why Child Custody Modifications are Necessary in Alta Loma CA

Why Child Custody Modifications are Necessary in Alta Loma CA

Many believe from the time that their child is born that they will be able to care for and provide for their child for life. That is the assumption from the start, and that’s normally how it goes. Since life, however, isn’t perfect and doesn’t always go as planned, it’s possible that a parent’s custody may need to be taken away, voluntarily given to the other parent, or even granted in full.

Here are two reason why modifications to child custody may be important:

Needs of Children Can Become More Difficult to Meet

Children don’t always become easier to care for as they get older. If anything, they often get more difficult to take care of. In some instances, however, a child may become so difficult to care for that one of the parents of the child may no longer be able to meet their needs. For instance, a child with a mental disability, physical disability, or behavioral problem may be difficult to manage for one parent, leaving the other parent a better and more applicable option for the child.

After all, a major part of deciding who gets custody comes down to what’s best for the child in terms of their emotional and physical wellbeing and how they are met by either parent. The child’s health and safety always come first over either of the parents’ personal opinions and desires.

A Parent’s Capability of Parenting May Change

Sometimes it’s not the needs of the child that change but one parent themselves who goes through changes. These changes may make it difficult for the parent to continue to offer full or even partial custody of their child like, for example, if they lost their job, are relocating overseas for the military, they recently lost their house due to a foreclosure and are moving in with a friend in an apartment in another city, or just dealt with a major injury or surgery that will leave them bed-ridden for several weeks. In turn, they might be best to modify child custody so that the other parent gets all or more custody, even if it’s just temporary. It doesn’t mean one has failed as a parent if they come to a conclusion like this. If anything, they are brave and selfless for doing what’s best for their child.

If you’re wanting to make modifications to a child custody agreement, speak with Torrence L. Howell in Alta Loma, CA today. His number is (909) 920-0908.


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