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Win Child Custody Against an Abusive Spouse in Diamond Bar CA

Win Child Custody Against an Abusive Spouse in Diamond Bar CA

Any good parent would want to shield their child of the harms of the world. It’s only natural to want to help your child avoid devastating hurdles, unexpected disasters, and unkind people. It’s even more so natural for a parent to want to keep their child safe from the other parent if said parent is considered dangerous or unfit to care for the child.

In the latter scenario, it would be a great time to consider kickstarting a child custody case and hiring a long-time Family Law attorney to guide you through your case.

Increase Your Shot of Receiving Full Child Custody in Diamond Bar CA

When there’s an abusive parent involved, it’s always critical to act quickly. First things first: call the police if you feel that the situation with the other parent is escalating to potential danger or is crossing legal boundaries. Then, it’s time to strongly consider fighting for full child custody alongside an attorney.

But how can you boost your shot of receiving full child custody? Gather as much evidence as possible, refrain from getting in verbal or texting arguments with the other parent, avoid doing or saying anything that could possibly hinder your chances of receiving full custody, keep your social media accounts private, and most importantly, make sure to hire a Family Law attorney who you can genuinely trust to take on your case.

Perhaps out of everything, hiring the right lawyer can be the main reason you successfully receive full custody over your child(ren). After all, they not only help gather and present evidence siding with you, but they can give you essential legal advice that can help you, help yourself win based on everything that is going on in your personal life. It’s always nice having someone to defend you and make sure you’re doing everything in your power to be perceived as the better parent inside and outside of court.

We Can Help with Your Child Custody Case

Even if you know very little about child custody and the process of receiving it in court, know that a Family Law attorney would be more than happy to help you.

Torrence L. Howell is an example of an exemplary lawyer, and with over two decades of experience up the sleeves of his suit, he’s skilled enough to take on even the most complex of child custody cases, whether or not it involves an abusive spouse.

Chat with Mr. Howell by calling him at (909) 920-0908 to see how he might be able to help you.


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