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Alimony Attorney in Etiwanda CA

Fight for fair support payments with help from an alimony attorney in Etiwanda CA.

Alimony Attorney in Etiwanda CADuring a marriage or domestic partnership, partners work together to maintain the household. One partner may bear a greater share of the financial responsibilities, while the other is responsible for child care and home making. When the couple divorces or separates, the partner who has stayed home will likely need financial support in the form of alimony. Each partner should hire their own alimony attorney in Etiwanda CA to make sure their interests are looked out for in the final alimony agreement.

What Factors Influence Alimony Agreements?

In order to arrive at a fair estimation of the amount of alimony that is needed and length of time alimony payments must continue, the court will consider many different factors such as:

  • How long the couple was married
  • The income or earning capacity of each person
  • The age and health of each person
  • The standard of living shared during the marriage
  • Childcare responsibilities of the supported partner
  • Any history of domestic violence

Your alimony attorney in Etiwanda CA can help by gathering evidence as to these points and preparing a strong argument in support of the amount of alimony you believe is fair.

Is an Alimony Attorney in Etiwanda CA a Good Investment?

Unfortunately, sometimes people want to handle their divorce proceedings–including the alimony agreement–on their own because they think it will save them money. However, this may only be a short-term savings! Torrence L. Howell offers his services as an alimony attorney in Etiwanda CA at a very reasonable price and delivers a tremendous value when you consider that the fair alimony agreements he helps secure will be in effect for years to come.

What if Financial Needs Change?

Perhaps the supported spouse only needed alimony because they had no job skills, but now they have completed some career training and found a new job. Naturally they would no longer require alimony. Or, if the spouse paying alimony loses their job, a reduction in alimony may be in order. No matter which side of the equation you find yourself on, your alimony attorney in Etiwanda CA can help you petition for the necessary modifications to your alimony agreement.

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