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Child Support and Coronavirus: 4 Concerns California Parents Have

Child Support and Coronavirus: 4 Concerns California Parents Have

The Coronavirus has triggered a lot of change in our daily lives. From which businesses we’re allowed to continue to get products and services from to where we can travel to at this time, just about all of us have had some sort of life alternation thus far.

Another major change that parents, in particular, are facing in the state of California and beyond is child support, that is, if they’re sharing parenting duties with an ex or other non-spouse. If you’re one of those confused parents right now, read on to learn more about how child support is affected due to the current pandemic.

  1. Will Child Support Payments be Delayed Due to the Coronavirus?
  2. No. There are no expected delays in the processing of child support payments. This means the parent who owes child support will still have the same due dates, and the parent who is the recipient is expected to receive payments on the same schedule to ensure the applicable child(ren) are able to continue to be financially taken care of.

  3. What Can I Do if Other Parent isn’t Paying Child Support Due to Income Loss?
  4. It is the struggling parent’s responsibility to get the agreement modified in their favor or get in touch with a local child support agency for assistance if they’re unable to pay child support because of the current situation. If they fail to, you can speak with a Family Law attorney about taking legal action. Penalties from jail to monetary fines may be involved for the non-paying parent.

  5. Can I Still Get Child Support Amended if I Need More Support from the Other Parent?
  6. Are you out of work or dealing with the loss of wages due to the Coronavirus and need more support from the other parent to care for your child(ren)?

    If so, then you can still get the child support agreement amended. However, at an uncertain time like this, it’s best to talk to your ex or non-spouse directly about coming up with an agreement to increase child support payments. Once in writing, you can speak with a California lawyer to get it legally sorted out.

    If an agreement between the parents cannot be made, then they must reach out to the court. The parent struggling income-wise can then modify the support back to the date their finances declined. Although, it may be difficult to get a court date at this moment.

  7. If I Owe Child Support, Will My Stimulus Check Be Taken from Me?
  8. Most likely, yes. If you are eligible for a federal stimulus check but have overdue child support payments in California, your check will be likely be automatically (and legally) garnished to help pay off that debt. If you owe less than the amount on your stimulus check, you will still probably get your check; however, the amount you receive will be reduced.

Is your ex or other non-spouse refusing to pay child support right now? Or, are you having any other child support-related issues at this time?

Contact Torrence L. Howell, an attorney specializing in Family Law, at (909) 920-0908 today to get your concerns legally taken care of.


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