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Domestic Violence Has Been Increasing Since the Quarantine. Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in CA Today!

Domestic Violence Has Been Increasing Since the Quarantine. Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in CA Today!

Since the Coronavirus erupted and large numbers of people have been staying home in California, there has been a lower rate of crime on the streets. That’s great news to hear. But the bad news? More violence has been occurring within the household setting among spouses or even from parent to child – and sadly, many of these cases are not been reported.

Although domestic violence is a serious crime that should never be overlooked, many victims understandably feel too scared to report the abuse, reach out for help, or even admit that there’s a problem from the start. However, Family Law Attorney Torrence L. Howell, who has years of experiencing working with clients’ domestic abuse cases, urges the importance of getting assistance for a crime like this.

The Importance of Getting Help for Domestic Violence

Rarely is domestic violence something that occurs just once or twice. Several studies over the years have shown that domestic violence has a high recurrence rate, and often, it gets worse as time goes on. It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break. What may start out as a slap or the throw of a lightweight object at a human could later result in punching and choking.

By getting help for domestic violence, you’re not only helping yourself and/or your child(ren), but you’re also helping other people who might otherwise become a future victim of the same abuser. And by taking your abuser to court, you’re able to get compensated for any medical bills and/or emotional suffering that you might have gotten as a result of the abuse.

Contact Attorney Torrence L. Howell Today for Legal Help.

It’s not always easy to admit when you’re a victim of abuse. Sometimes the love and respect you have for your abuser is greater than the temporary pain they might make you feel. However, because domestic violence can be extremely life-altering and is likely to continue and get worse overtime, it’s critical that you get the help you require as soon as possible.

Attorney Torrence L. Howell has been taking on domestic abuse-related cases for decades. From mental abuse to physical abuse or threats of violence, Howell can take on just about any domestic abuse case, big or small. He currently serves several locations in California including Montclair, Chino Hills, San Antonio Heights, Upland, Corona, La Verne, and more.

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