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Need Assistance with Alimony in Glendora CA? Get a Family Law Attorney Today

Need Assistance with Alimony in Glendora CA? Get a Family Law Attorney Today

After the separation of a married couple, sometimes one of the spouses will file for something known as alimony. Receiving alimony can be a great form of assistance to temporarily or permanently aid a newly divorced individual in remaining financially afloat following their divorce. After all, the process of divorce itself can be expensive, let alone, now living on one or no income.

However, receiving or even contesting alimony isn’t always the quick and easy process that you might imagine. Divorce cases alone are already messy, so add alimony into that mix, and the situation just got more complex.

Regardless of how complex, you never have to fight or contest alimony alone. A Glendora, CA Family Law lawyer is waiting to assist you as soon as possible and, best of all, they have the power to make the case go a little easier on your end.

We Can Help with Alimony in Glendora CA

Do you have an alimony-related case you’re about to fight or are currently fighting in California court? Torrence L. Howell at Torrence Howell Law has the skills and experience you need in a good Family Law attorney. He has worked with alimony cases for many years on both sides and has the logical reasoning required to help you win your case.

Howell’s office is located in Upland, CA but can confidently serve clients in Glendora, CA and its surrounding cities. That said, if you live in any of those regions, you bet that Howell will be glad to consider adding your alimony case to his list of to-dos.

Call Torrence L. Howell Today

Knowledge is power, and knowing as much as you can about obtaining or fighting against alimony is critical as you make your way to the courtroom. One way to receive everything you should know about the alimony process is to get in touch with a Family Law attorney today via phone. This way, you won’t be blindsided when you hire an attorney, let alone, tackle your case.

Torrence L. Howell offers free case evaluations to see if you’d be a client he can successfully aid in the courtroom. Feel free to ask any questions about his prior experience, what he specializes in, and how he can assist you personally.

For free legal assistance today, you can call Howell at (909) 920-0908. And if you end up being a good match for him, he’d be more than happy to officially set up as a client.


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My ex-wife hired an attorney which prompted me to do so for our divorce. Torrence Howell was highly recommended from a friend of mine who used Torrence’s services for a divorce just like mine. The results came out much better than he ever thought it would. With all things being equal I felt Torrence would

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