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Often-Forgotten Issues You and Your Ex Need to Agree on in a Divorce

Often-Forgotten Issues You and Your Ex Need to Agree on in a DivorceWhen people start divorce proceedings, they often think it will be as easy as signing some papers and paying legal fees. But it’s often much more nuanced and complicated—especially if you have children. Sure people think about working out custody agreements and child support payment amounts, but there are many other issues that couples often overlook at first. Here are some often-forgotten issues you’ll need to make sure you come to an agreement on during your divorce proceedings.

Most divorcing couples will need to remember to consider:

  • How will bank accounts and liquid assets be divided?
  • Who will gain possession of the family car, or will it be sold for the money to be split evenly?
  • How will family photographs, jewelry, and other keepsakes be split up?
  • Who will pay the legal costs of the divorce, including filing fees and expert witness fees, accountant fees, appraiser fees, etc.?

Those who have children will need to remember to consider:

  • Will the child(ren) be able to visit and/or relocate to a foreign country? What kind of permission will be necessary – from just one or both parents?
  • Will both parents need to be kept abreast of the child’s health status, as well as any illnesses and missed school days?
  • Will visitation from all grandparents at anytime be allowed, or will the divorcing couple agree to limitations?
  • Who will pay for extracurricular activities such as sports and summer camp?
  • Who will pay for medical insurance coverage as well as dental, eyeglasses, and other miscellaneous expenses?
  • Who will claim the children on their taxes?

When you hire Attorney Torrence L. Howell, he will walk you through the many legal issues surrounding a divorce. Rest assured he will handle your divorce proceedings with care and strict attention to detail. Call (909) 920-0908 to set up a free consultation today.


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