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Parenting Roles Pay a Huge Part in Determining Child Custody in Etiwanda CA

Parenting Roles Pay a Huge Part in Determining Child Custody in Etiwanda CA

These days, it isn’t enough to share DNA with a child to be considered a parent worthy of custody. If DNA was all that was considered in these rulings, then a lot of children would be in some bad or even dangerous situations within their home life. Courts understand – and have seen firsthand – that some parents just aren’t fit for having full or even partial custody of their own children – hence why not all parents have custody over their own children.

One big factor of many that help determine the right for child custody is the roles each parent has on their children.

What Makes a Parent a Parent in the Eyes of the Court?

A parent is not only someone who can provide and is a safe individual to be around, but they are also someone who plays the role of a parent for their children. Roles of a parent aren’t just being a provider in terms of putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their child’s head but also someone who help their child with their homework and assist their child with keeping on top of their schoolwork and studying. In addition, a good parent plays a role when it comes to properly disciplining their children, teaching their child proper morals and values, and to provide structure for their children.

The court will be hesitant in giving custody to a parent who is either too lenient or too strict when parenting their children or who fails to provide their children with the basic needs they require to live a healthy, satisfactory life. Courts want to see children in positive home environments that uplift them and build them up, not destroy them or put them in a situation where they are suffering.

Improve Your Chances of Child Custody in California

It’s not enough to simply be a good person or to show proof that you are blood-related to a child to be granted child custody. It’s more complex than just that. Instead, it matters to play a significant role in your child’s life to be considered a good candidate for obtaining custody.

A child custody lawyer can help represent you as a parent who plays a big role in their child’s life and potentially boost your shot at getting custody. Contact Attorney Torrence L. Howell to be strongly represented in court. His phone number is (909) 920-0908.


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