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The Presence of Mental Illness Doesn’t Bar a Parent from Paying Child Support. Talk to a Family Law Attorney in San Antonio Heights CA Now

The Presence of Mental Illness Doesn't Bar a Parent from Paying Child Support. Talk to a Family Law Attorney in San Antonio Heights CA Now

Mental illness is more common than many of us might think. It can present itself in many different situations, involve varying symptoms, feature different triggers, and come in a variety of intensities. The truth is, it’s never the same for one person to the next.

A few things are certain: there is a stigma around mental health, and unlike what many believe, mental illness does not completely impair most individuals from living a successful, happy, healthy, and by-definition “normal” life.

Still, a mental health diagnosis can be debilitating for many people. It may completely or to an extent impact their ability to get and keep a job, it can make everyday functions more challenging, and it may even make parenting harder than usual.

So, a common question people ask is, “If I (or my ex) have a diagnosis of mental illness, will I (or they) still be required to pay child support?” Read on for an answer.

Mental Illness or Not, the Parent with Mental Illness Must Still Pay Child Support.

It’s true that the presence of mental illness can potentially cause a parent to lose custody of their child, that is, if they are deemed unfit to accurately and safely parent their child.

However, when it comes to paying child support, that obligation is still there. You’re still the parent, and the other parent still needs financial help raising the child that you share by blood together. Likewise, if the parent with mental illness is one who’s the custodial parent, they still have the right to receive child support from the other parent.

If financing is a problem for the child support-paying parent, with or without metal illness, the court will be able to come up with a feasible solution.

Having Problems Paying or Receiving Child Support in San Antonio Heights, CA? Contact a Lawyer.

Whether you’re the parent who’s obligated to pay child support but can’t afford to and/or is unable to work – or the parent who’s obligated to receive child support payments from the other parent but isn’t, it’s critical to talk with a Family Law attorney to discuss solutions. Regardless of which parent you are and what your situation is, the child involved deserves to be raised under a roof that has an adequate flow of money coming in to help their parent support them into adulthood.

Speak with Attorney Torrence L. Howell today. Call his southern California office at (909) 920-0908.


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