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Proving Theft of Intellectual Property is Complicated but We Can Help

Proving Theft of Intellectual Property is Complicated but We Can Help

Many companies could not survive without exclusive access to their intellectual property. If they could not exclude other companies from profiting from the inventions, designs, symbols, etc. that their company has created, they could face unfair competition. The result can be the inability to get the benefits they should be getting from their intellectual property.

For this reason, it seems simple to assume that if a company is having their intellectual property stolen, they would force it to stop. It is true that there are laws in the United States that are aimed specifically to ensure that companies and individuals can retain the right to their own concepts and creations. It is also true that it can be difficult to prove that intellectual property has been stolen.

That’s where a California business law attorney comes in. At Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell we can help move forward and help you fight against theft. Read on to learn about the process and then contact us at (909) 920-0908 to request your free consultation.

Understanding the most common types of intellectual property

First, let’s discuss what types of intellectual property exist and are protected. There are three main types. Trademarks, which include things like words, symbols, designs, and phrases, are created to distinguish one product from another. Copyrights, which include things like photographs, poems, music, software, and paintings, are created to protect artistic products.

Finally, there are trade secrets. This refers to any information that is valuable to a company and is not widely known by the general population. This might include the way a company does business or a method for shipping.

Your right to be free from intellectual property theft

If a company or entity has violated your rights to your own intellectual property, then you must know your rights. They will vary based on the type of property and the type of protection you have in place. For example, a company that holds a trademark can stop a company from using either their trademark or one that is very similar, unless the other party is legitimately using it.

Examples of copyright infringement include displaying, reproducing, copying, distributing, or using copyrighted material without consent of the owner. A trade secret cannot be copied, used, or benefitted from without the consent of the owner. The owner of a trade secret also has the right to prevent disclosure of the information in the event a nondisclosure agreement has been signed.

Do you have a case? We can help answer that question

Just having your intellectual property stolen is not enough to win a case – it must also be proven. This is not always as simple as it may seem on the surface. The good news is that at Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell we have many years of experience in this field. Call us today at (909) 920-0908 for a free case evaluation.


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