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What are the Options for Resolving Business Disputes in San Dimas CA?

What are the Options for Resolving Business Disputes in San Dimas CA?

As a business owner, things don’t always go your way. It sucks, but that’s just the world of business for you. Sales might be slow at times, customers might complain over something petty, or worse, your partnership with another business might result in a conflict, and a legal resolution might be required to resolve it. Uh-oh. The latter has got to be one of the worst and messiest.

Speaking of disagreements between two companies, there are fortunately three main ways you can resolve a business dispute in the state of California, including:


Many businesses, especially smaller companies, may not have what it takes to resolve a dispute with another business on their own. Business disputes can be a lot for a rookie or for a business that doesn’t have much resources or legal knowledge.

In these cases, mediation can be one of the best ways to resolve a business dispute. Through this resolution method, the businesses involved will work out a solution in unison alongside an unbiased, third-party mediator who will also be making decisions with them.


As a similar alternative to meditation, arbitration is another great way to resolve a business dispute, only that instead of having a third party make decisions alongside the businesses, they more so simply guide or monitor the conversation as the businesses involved come to a final resolution. This gives the businesses themselves more power to draw a conclusion to their dispute on their own.


In some cases, businesses are not able to come to an agreement. This is especially true in very complicated, controversial cases. A great way to resolve these messy disputes is to opt for litigation, meaning that the parties will go to court, and a judge will help make the decision on their behalf.

Whether you’re set on which of these three methods of resolving a business dispute to opt for or are completely unsure about how you’ll resolve the dispute, leave it to Business Law Attorney, Torrence L. Howell, to do the dirty work.

Mr. Howell has several years of experience on his belt. That being said, he can help you decide which of the three methods of resolution might be the most relevant. In addition, he can work his magic to help get the dispute itself resolved as soon as possible and in a manner that is best for both parties.

Get a consultation with Howell by calling him at (909) 920-0908.


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